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    Pirates & Prostitutes in Dingle

    Pirates & Prostitutes in Dingle

    Now – depending on who you’re talking to, the word “booty” can have very different meanings. An American rock star would be shaking his booty whereas a banker would be counting it. Never shall the two definitions of booty meet. Except, that is, in the south-west of Ireland 400 years ago where the two forms of booty did come together. Reporter, Rhona Tarrant travelled to Kerry to tell the story of the pirates and prostitutes that frequented the village of Dingle. If you’re interested in hearing more about piracy in early 17th century Ireland, Connie Kelleher will be giving this ...
    Columbus Crabs In Kerry

    Columbus Crabs In Kerry

    We get all sorts of visitors to Ireland. Humans, butterflies, birds... But then there are less frequent visitors. The kinds of visitors that the wildlife community gets excited about. Seldom-seen species who decide to come a-calling to us. The Columbus Crabs who arrived in Kerry recently may not have come here of their own volition, however. Rather the Gulf Stream decided they should leave the Bermuda Triangle and sent them in the direction of Ireland. But they didn't take a boat or a plane. They arrived on... a barrel! Kevin Flannery is Director of the OceanWorld aquarium in Dingle and ...


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