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    The God Slot Debate.

    The God Slot Debate.

    The God Slot Debate, recorded at Rathmines College is chaired by Eileen Dunne. The Motion: This house believes that, as there is a right to life, there is an equal right to a self determined death with dignity. For the motion: Student Claire Whelan and co-ordinator of Exit International, Tom Curran. Against the motion: Student David Hollywood and journalist, author and public speaker, Mary Kenny.


    Discussion and debate with Damien O Reilly Suzanne is an agency nurse and is frustrated that she cannot get a permanent contract which would enabl;e herself and husband to qualify for a mortgage. Fran witnessed a group of young people lighting a fire on Howth head which led to a large area being burned. Maeve had an incident with a barbecue which caught fire in her back garden. Paul is a gas engineer who gave advice on barbecue safety. The discussion on littering around the country continued with callers from Galway , Dublin, Waterford and Australia.  Mairin and Tony are unhappy ...


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