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    Cognitive Bias

    Cognitive Bias

    Even though the human brain is a far more advanced and complex machine than even the most powerful computers in the world today, we still have the capacity to make decisions that are, at times, completely unreasonable, counter-productive, and self-sabotaging! Why is this??? Well, an article on the website attempted to address this subject recently. The article proposed what it termed "12 cognitive biases" that are ingrained in the human mind. And these biases routinely prevent us from making rational decisions. Dr David Carey, Consulting Psychologist at the Owen Connolly Counselling Centre in Stillorgan, has taken a look at ...
    It's All In The Face

    It's All In The Face

    You can’t judge a book by its cover, but when it comes to people we evaluate each other all the time based on our appearance… To what extent can who you are be reflected in your face? Take, for example, the case of a woman called Brooke White, who appeared on American Idol. Apparently, she displayed what was called a "Mormon glow" on her face which means that her inner peace and healthy lifestyle was reflected in her face and people were able to tell she was a Mormon without her saying as much herself... Consulting Psychologist David Carey, from ...


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