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    Fund It

    Fund It

    Dave Tynan mentioned that his film was funded through “Fund It” and he joins a growing list of creative people who are having their projects “crowd-funded”. We used to think of ‘Patrons of the Arts’ as fabulous, wealthy benefactors – but nowadays ANYBODY can a patron of the arts by donating a few euro to help get an album or a play or any creative project off the ground… Rowena Neville is Director of Marketing and P.R. with the Fund website, and she tells us about funding Just Saying and other projects...
    'Just Saying'

    'Just Saying'

    Just Saying is a short film that was released just over a month ago. You can find it on YouTube and you’ll see it’s had over 320,000 views since it was uploaded on December 27th. It’s quite poignant and quintessentially “Dublin”. It follows a young man as he walks the streets of Dublin at night. It’s been described as an “emigration film”, but it’s also full of hope… The star of the piece is an actor called Emmet Kirwan. And in it, he strolls around the streets of Dublin, pondering the move he is about to make: moving away from ...


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