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    The death of the Irish bee

    The death of the Irish bee

    Since the Irish farmer met the European Commission, there have been all sorts of rules and regulations that have changed the way we farm in this country. The latest guideline to affect tillage farming has been a decision by the EU to ban three insecticide sprays.  The reason?  Because they believe these sprays are killing bees. Sean was joined by Darragh McCullough, Deputy Farming Editor with The Irish Independent and also by Catherine Keena, Countryside Management Specialist with Teagasc.
    Farm Payment Schemes

    Farm Payment Schemes

    It’s a case of Big Brother is watching Irish Farmers as the EU uses satellite technology to see if farmers are misrepresenting the size of their land when claiming the farm payment scheme. Now they’re looking for their money back and are set to impose fines of up to €180m on Ireland for its failure to police farm payment schemes. Darragh McCullough spoke to Sean this morning.

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