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    Hurling Renaissance

    Hurling Renaissance

    Damian Lawlor, journalist, has just written a book Fields of Fire, the inside story of hurling’s great renaissance. Last year for the first time in history, hurling brought in more revenue than football.. pulling in 12 million euros at the turnstiles ahead of football’s 11.9 million. Even though there are only 9 or 10 counties who play hurling, there have been some extraordinary games over the past few years. The buzz words now are development squads and academies - many of the successful counties now have those in place. According to Damien hurling is in a wonderful place.
    The John Murray Show Wednesday 30 January 2013

    The John Murray Show Wednesday 30 January 2013

    These are our three finalists from over 550 entrants to the John Murray Show/Saturday Night Show emerging music competition. Chanele McGuinness, Gary Showbiz and The New Transmission will battle it out in our live Studio 8 final on the John Murray Show on Thursday, May 29th for that coveted slot on the Saturday Night Show on May 31st.

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