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    The History Show Sunday 5 January 2014

    The History Show Sunday 5 January 2014

    The Irish and World War One This August will mark the centenary of the start of World War One. We will be commemorating this anniversary on The History Show with special programmes and short items telling the stories of Irish people who were involved in the war. We will also be examining what was happening here during these turbulent years. Do you have relatives who were involved in the First World War? We would like to hear their stories. Email:
    Charity and the Great Irish Famine

    Charity and the Great Irish Famine

    The Great Irish Famine was one of the most devastating humanitarian disasters of the nineteenth century. In a period of only five years, Ireland lost approximately 25% of its population through a combination of death and emigration. How could such a tragedy have occurred at the heart of the vast, and resource-rich, British Empire? You’re probably aware that we received charitable aid from countries like Britain and America – but in fact, it extended a lot further than this as Christine Kinealy told Louise Denvir. Christine Kinealy’s new book, Charity and the Great Hunger in Ireland explores this question by focusing ...


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