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    If a company is to expand into foreign markets, then any one worth its salt looks to China. With a huge market size and vast natural resources, if China continues to grow at the rate it is growing, it will out strip the US as having the world’s largest GNP. China is Ireland’s largest trading partner in Asia and as a result so many Irish people have moved there. But culturally China is a world away to the west. Rob Kiely is operations director for PCH International, based in China, which will take an idea or concept and bring it ...
    The China Dream

    The China Dream

    China's growth has been called an "economic miracle" but the downturn in the West's has had an impact. Now there are massive changes planned for China to grow its own customers with the creation of a new middle class. Joining us in studio are Professor Jerusha McCormack, Professor at the Beijing Foreign Studies University and Eoin McDonnell, China Analyst at the Institute of International and European Affairs.

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