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    1914 Dublin Housing Report

    1914 Dublin Housing Report

    “ I condemn the whole of the tenement system now existing. It breeds misery; and worse. It causes a great waste of human life and human force; men, women and children can never rise to the best that is in them under such conditions". Damning words there from John Cooke 100 years ago this week when the Report into Housing Conditions in Dublin was published.   Mark Duncan of Century Ireland joined Myles to talk about the report and in particular, the photos of the tenements that appear in the appendix.   These present a rare glimpse of tenement living condiitions 100 years ago.   ...
    Century Ireland Award

    Century Ireland Award

    This week, the online historical newspaper Century Ireland won a Spider Award for the best website for Irish arts, heritage and culture. Century Ireland newspaper is published fortnightly with daily updates on the news of 1913.  Century Ireland directors Mike Cronin and Mark Duncan talked about the range of 1913 stories on the website.
    Century Ireland digital newspaper and interactive website - Spring 1913

    Century Ireland digital newspaper and interactive website - Spring 1913

    The Century Ireland interactive newspaper and website is a collaborative partnership involving many of our leading cultural and educational institutions. Our guests were Professor Mike Cronin of Boston College who manages the new Century Ireland digital newspaper and interactive website. Visit Century Ireland at


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