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    The John Murray Show Friday 2 August 2013

    The John Murray Show Friday 2 August 2013

    These are our three finalists from over 550 entrants to the John Murray Show/Saturday Night Show emerging music competition. Chanele McGuinness, Gary Showbiz and The New Transmission will battle it out in our live Studio 8 final on the John Murray Show on Thursday, May 29th for that coveted slot on the Saturday Night Show on May 31st.
    Deirdre Boilson

    Deirdre Boilson

    Deirdre is a scientist from Castlebar who is currently working on one of the world’s biggest science projects in the south of France called ‘ITER’  and is trying to re-create the same energy that you would find in the sun or the centre of a star! The hope is that this could then be used to create electricity. Her father taught science to herself and her four sisters and they all ended up working in professions that are in some way connected to science. When she was in university she got involved in different programmes and I won the Marie Curie scholarship which brought her to France and now she ...


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