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    Larne Gun Running Belfast Telegraph Report

    Larne Gun Running Belfast Telegraph Report

    Report from The Belfast Evening Telegraph, April 25th, 1914 The night of Friday, 24th April, 1914, is a date which will find a permanent place on the page of history. On it there were enacted happenings for which Great Britain's long and chequered story affords no parallel. However prosaically the record may be set down, it will send a thrill of amazement through every man and woman who reads the simple matter of fact account of what actually took place. MILES OF PICKETS. Meanwhile strange events were happening on all the highways leading to the town. Members of the Ulster ...
    Centenary of the Larne Gun-running

    Centenary of the Larne Gun-running

    On the night of 24 April 1914, shipments of 25,000 rifles and 3 million rounds of ammunition that had been smuggled from Germany landed at Larne in County Antrim.   The operation was organised to equip the Ulster Volunteer Force, formed the previous year. This week is the centenary of The Larne Gun Running, which was a central episode in the Unionist Campaign at the time.  Timothy Bowman, senior lecturer in History at the University of Kent and Conor Mulvagh, lecturer in Irish History at UCD and their man looking after the decade of Commemorations discussed this important centenary. How the ...

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