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    Cat Watch 2014

    Cat Watch 2014

    There are probably something like 700,000 domestic cats living in Ireland, while, according to the ISPCA, there are another 200,000 living ferally. Yet we know surprisingly little about how these creatures operate Well this week the BBC has been broadcasting CatWatch 2014 to try and unlock the mysteries of your common moggy!  John is joinedin studio by cat owner & journalist Barbara Scully.
    Cats vs Dogs

    Cats vs Dogs

    There's a divider that separates pet owners into two groups — you're either a cat person or a dog person. If you're a dog lover, you're considered a confident, upstanding member of society who conforms to acceptable behavioural norms. If you're a cat person, you’re considered, well, a little bit shady.   Dr McCune says our ideas about cats and dogs — i.e. that dogs are loyal and loving and cats are aloof and self-centred — say more about us than they do about the animals themselves. Cats are naturally independent but, just like dogs, they still share a very ...


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