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    Carlow Castle and Lunatic Asylums in 1800s

    Carlow Castle and Lunatic Asylums in 1800s

    An illustration of the castle by Uto which shows how it would have looked in its prime. 200 years ago this month, an enormous explosion virtually destroyed Carlow Castle. At the time, Dr. Philip Middleton was converting the castle into a private lunatic asylum.  Orla Rapple reported from Carlow  where she found out more about this story.   Professor Brendan Kelly from UCD and the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland joined Myles to discuss conditions in private asylums in the 1800s and the emergence of public asylums.  Paying Patients in Richmond District Lunatic Asylum (1885-1900)  Brendan Kelly's forthcoming book, "Custody Care ...


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