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    Property Prices

    Property Prices

    The price of homes nationwide rose by 2.3% in May, new figures from the Central Statistics Office show. This compares with an increase of 1.4% in April. The CSO said that in the year to May, residential property prices rose by 10.6%. Dublin residential property prices - including both houses and apartments - increased by 4.2% in May and were 22.4% higher than a year ago. Karl Deeter and Brian Lucey joined Keelin this morning.
    EU/IMF Bailout Exit

    EU/IMF Bailout Exit

    The Government has chosen to decline an “overdraft”  and we’re leaving the EU/IMF bailout programme without a cushion. We’ve signaled to the world that we are on the road to normality, but it’s not over yet, there are several years of fiscal discipline lie ahead. On the line was Dr. Stephen Kinsella of University of  Limerick’s Economics dept, who believed the Government would say no to a precautionary credit line. Sean was also joined by Professor Brian Lucey of Trinity College who says the Government has decided to jump without a parachute – and wonders if there will be a ...

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