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    Brian Boru - Separating Fact from Legend

    Brian Boru - Separating Fact from Legend

    The story that many of us will remember from school is a rags to riches tale. It presents Brian Boru as a man who rose from humble origins to become High King of Ireland, and banished the Vikings from the country following a vital victory over them at Clontarf. Lorcan Clancy spoke to author Eoghan Corry about the origins of this story, and the difficulties involved in separating fact from legend.      Brian as he might have appeared at Battle of Clontarf where Norse warriors thought he was a priest (depiction of saintly King David taken from  eleventh-century shrine known ...
    Battle of Clontarf

    Battle of Clontarf

    One thousand years ago – in the year 1014 – the largest battle ever fought on this island took place on the north side of Dublin and it became the stuff of school books and a scholarly debate that rages on to this day. Brian Boru lived for more than 70 years – a King of Munster and of Ireland - but it was his victory and subsequent death at the Battle of Clontarf that secured his place in history and legend. Keelin was joined in studio now by two historians with some differing views on the battle, on the ...

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