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    Is it on or is it off, that’s the question this morning hanging over the ESB dispute with its group of unions.   The row concerns the terms of a settlement reached yesterday to avert a threatened strike over the company's pension scheme. To see what is the situation, Sean was joined by the Secretary of the ESB Group of Unions Brendan Ogle.
    Brendan Ogle

    Brendan Ogle

    Management and union leaders at the ESB are heading into talks this morning in an effort to avert threatened power cuts in the run-up to Christmas. Groups representing business, the sick and the elderly have expressed their concern at the costly and potentially life-threatening consequences that may arise from industrial action in the coming weeks. Sean spoke to ESB union head, Brendan Ogle.
    ESB Industrial Action

    ESB Industrial Action

    ESB workers have threatened  industrial action from December 16th in the event of the ESB pension row not being resolved. Now, Retail Excellence Ireland has warned that if the strike goes ahead  it will actively assist thousands of retail businesses to switch to "more market-focussed energy providers". However, ESB Union Chief, Brendan Ogle, has hit back saying “that moving companies won’t make a blind bit of difference”  should industrial action lead to power cuts.  Joining Sean was Ingrid Miley, our Industry and Employment Correspondent.


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