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    Budget 2014

    Budget 2014

    Once we were big spenders but now Irish people are savers. Many billions of euros – €126 billion in fact are stashed away in deposits and savings. Finance Minister Michael Noonan announced in the Budget that the savings tax rate known at DIRT will rise from 33% to 41% in January, in an effort to get people to spend in the economy. The Minister also retained a controversial levy on private pensions, the money is being used to create jobs. So how will the Budget change the way we think about our investments? Sean was joined by Brendan Burgess of ...


    While some high profile builders and business people have left the country to avail of bankruptcy arrangements in the UK and elsewhere there is no escape for tens of thousands of Irish people who are being chased for what they owe the banks. Many of them are under water as a result mortgage debt. The latest figures show that nearly 98,000 private residential mortgages were in arrears for over 90 days by the end of June – more than 200 homes were repossessed by the banks. As it happens this afternoon (Tues) the Oireachtas Finance Committee will meet AIB chief ...


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