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    Mooney, Friday July 26th 2013

    Mooney, Friday July 26th 2013

    NestWatch 2014 - The Blue Tit The nest is built, and the eighth egg was laid on Sunday, May 4th 2014. On the evening of Tuesday, May 13th, the eggs started hatching, and we now have eight nestlings in the nestbox. Send your observations in to, and keep watching! Click here to watch NestWatch 2014 - The Herring Gull The Herring Gull's nest is located on a roof at the RTÉ Campus. There are three eggs in the nest and we expect them to hatch any day now. Click here to watch
    Stinky Flowers!

    Stinky Flowers!

    Ant-like lines have been weaving their way about the United States Botanic Gardens Conservatory in Washington... the lines are not ants or tropical beetles, but curious humans coming in their tens of thousands every day to see a giant phallus-like and smelly flower, the titan arum (Amorphophallus titanum). Ari Novy is a plant scientist and Public Programmes Manager at the Botanic Gardens, and he joins Derek and the panel on the line today from Washington! The flower is now collapsing, and entering a dormant stage; the Botanic Gardens in Washington have set up a webcam focusing on flower, and you ...


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