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    Battle of Clontarf

    Battle of Clontarf

    One thousand years ago – in the year 1014 – the largest battle ever fought on this island took place on the north side of Dublin and it became the stuff of school books and a scholarly debate that rages on to this day. Brian Boru lived for more than 70 years – a King of Munster and of Ireland - but it was his victory and subsequent death at the Battle of Clontarf that secured his place in history and legend. Keelin was joined in studio now by two historians with some differing views on the battle, on the ...
    Battle of Clontarf Millennium Commemorations

    Battle of Clontarf Millennium Commemorations

    On the 10th February, 8.15pm, Dr Pat Wallace will speak on the “The Archaeology of Viking Dublin at Wood Quay” in the Clasac Alfie Byrne Road, Clontarf. Dr Wallace is speaking as part of a series of lectures called “Battle of Clontarf - Where it all Ended!” to commemorate the Millennium Anniversary of the Battle of Clontarf. The Battle of Clontarf is one of the best known events in Irish history however much of what is commonly known is myth. Often portrayed as a struggle by the Irish against invading heathens, the Vikings had actually established Dublin and been in ...


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