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    Sinn Fein Austerity Rally

    Sinn Fein Austerity Rally

    Tonight Sinn Fein is hosting a rally in the Mansion House at 7pm,  as well as representatives of various Irish unions, the guest speakers are a group of union leaders from the United States.   The theme of the event is “In common cause against austerity” Sean was joined by Terry O'Sullivan General President’s of the Labourers International Union of North America.
    Dundalk Says No To Austerity

    Dundalk Says No To Austerity

    Next Tuesday as Michael Noonan takes to his feet for Budget 2014, protesters are expected to gather outside Leinster House to once again voice their objections to further budget cuts and tax increases. Our reporter Brian O’Connell travelled to Dundalk last night to talk to some of those who’ve joined one of the newer No To Austerity movements and who’ve been protesting in recent weeks.


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