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    Archaeology in Connemara

    Archaeology in Connemara

    While the impact of recent storms on parts of our coastline has left a bill for millions of euros in damages, it has also unearthed thousands of years of archaeology. Some archaeologists are now asking that resources be given to explore some of the archaeology that has been turned up by the storm. Our reporter Brian O’Connell has been to Omey Island off the Galway coast and seen some of the historical layers now visible, and he joined Sean from our Cork studio.
    Baldoyle Archaeological Dig

    Baldoyle Archaeological Dig

    Evidence of life in Medieval times has been unearthed by archaeologists in the North Dublin suburb of Baldoyle. The unusual thing about this excavation is that it’s taking place in the grounds of a housing estate. And to be more specific – one of the dig sites is actually located in the garden belonging to the mother of archaeologist Paul Duffy. Moated Site Paul Duffy from Grassroots Archaeology discussed his work, his finds and what they’re still looking for along with Terry Barry, associate professor of Medieval History with Trinity College Dublin.  (from left to right) Tertiary flint flake, split ...


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