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    Antibiotics Crisis

    Antibiotics Crisis

    When was the last time you were on antibiotics? Chances are, it was not too long ago. We all take advantage of what some say is the greatest medical discovery of all, but recently the threat to the existence of antibiotics has been highlighted in no uncertain terms. Joining Keelin in studio was Dr Fiona Walsh, biology lecturer and antibiotic resistance expert in NUI Maynooth, to discuss the future of antibiotics.


    This is the time of year when colds and flu’s are prevalent and  many of us rush to the doctor to get antibiotics when we are laid low. Antibiotics have played an important role in fighting off bacterial infections but their effectiveness has waned in recent years with a global threat posed by super bugs, where an over-reliance on prescriptions has allowed bugs to become more resistant to antibiotics.   Sean was joined by Professor Edmond Smyth, Royal College of Physicians of Ireland & Consultant Microbiologist at Beaumont Hospital, one of the speakers at a public meeting on Good Bugs, Bad ...

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