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    Is Countess Markievicz an Overrated  Icon of Irish History?

    Is Countess Markievicz an Overrated Icon of Irish History?

    In the midst of the men of 1916 was the woman of 1916, Countess Markievicz – also known as Constance Gore Booth.  Although dozens of women were involved in the Rising in one capacity or another, the image of the Countess in her uniform dominates our awareness of the female contribution to that pivotal event.  She would go on to become the first woman elected to the House of Commons and was an active participant in the War of Independence as the country’s first female government Minister – the second was Maire Geoghegan Quinn in 1979! We began our series ...
    Episode 4 - Defeat- January 1914

    Episode 4 - Defeat- January 1914

    By the end of January 1914 the Lockout ended with a decisive and crushing victory for the employers. Many leave Dublin to seek work in English cities and the striking girls and women from Jacobs are worst off. Most do not get work again and those that do are not allowed back until April. “And for women to walk down the quays in cold, miserable weather, without adequate clothes, to collect the parcel of food, was degrading... They lost their belongings, and they pawned everything they had. Many ended up losing their homes because they were evicted.” Ann Matthews Actor ...


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