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    Underdogs - Achill FC & Packie Bonner

    Underdogs - Achill FC & Packie Bonner

    Our Sports Underdogs where we follow a sports squad who've endured a bit of a bad run & now under John Murray Show tutelage aim to pull up their socks for their ongoing season. John went to Achill to meet with the Achill Rovers FC on the Atlantic fringes of Mayo last Thursday  & brought along the 1990 World Cup hero Packie Bonner down for a training session with the lads.
    The John Murray Show Wednesday 18 June 2014

    The John Murray Show Wednesday 18 June 2014

    Summer Reads BOOKS CHOSEN BY Máire: Top Five 1 UNRAVELLING OLIVER by LIZ NUGENT: This is the story of a husband, a monster with psychological problems. He beats his wife into a coma and after that horrendous attack, he reflects on his actions and the reasons that prompted this extraordinary development in his marriage.   I loved this book because the characters were so realistic and gave me an insight into how hidden tensions and underlying tendencies can erupt and thereby change everything in a marriage.  2 THE ORCHADIST by AMANDA COPLIN: This is a debut novel written in the style of John ...

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