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    Education Minister

    Education Minister

    It is the week of the Teachers' Conferences - the most gruelling time of the year in many ways for the Education Minister of the day. After facing the "ironic applause" and heckling at the ASTI conference, Minister Ruairi Quinn spoke to Sean on why he wants future teachers to take Higher Level Maths at Leaving Cert level, Junior Cert reform and other issues. Pat King, General Secretary of the ASTI also spoke to Sean about why delegates gave such a reception to the Minister.
    ASTI: Parent Teacher Meetings

    ASTI: Parent Teacher Meetings

    Parents of secondary school pupils are starting to feel the impact of the decision of thousands of teachers to reject the Haddington Road deal. Seventeen thousand members of the ASTI voted against the deal earlier this month, warning they would no longer participate in after-hours duties, including parent-teacher meetings. Jim Moore is Chief Executive of the National Parents’ Council Post-Primary and he spoke to Sean this morning.

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