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Thursday 15th February 2018

Rosalyn Sheehy's battle with an eating disorder inspired her to come up with an idea for a comic book with a difference. She joined Ryan in studio to talk about her experience with bulimia and her hopes for the book. "Loopy Loo: A Story of Beating Bulimia" is written and illustrated by Dan Reynolds.

Wednesday 7th February 2018

Karen Cleveland spent eight years working as an analyst for the CIA and spoke to Ryan about her debut novel "Need to Know" which draws on her experience of working with one of the most famous organisations in the world!

Tuesday 6th February 2018

Veronica Bird spent 35 years working in some of the UK's toughest prisons alongside many of Britain's most infamous inmates like Myra Hindley and Charles Bronson. She spoke to Ryan about her book "Veronica's Bird: Thirty-Five Years Inside as a Female Prison Officer" which tells the story of her incredible life.

Monday 29th January 2018

Geraldine sent us an email about a conversation she had with her daughter and joined Ryan on the line to talk about her daughter's diagnosis with Aspergers and how she used a book called "I am an Aspie Girl" to broach the subject with her.

Thursday 25th January 2018

Daniel Mallory, aka "AJ Finn", spoke to Ryan about his debut novel "The Woman in the Window". Drawing inspiration from classic Hitchcock cinema, the thriller has become something of a publishing sensation in the US and looks set to do the same on our side of the world.

Thursday, 13th January 2018

Ryan spoke to Emma about the most boring sports to watch on TV and during the conversation he asked her what she was reading.  This book was highly recommended by her, said it was extremely well written and a great story.

Wednesday 12th January 2018

Ryan spoke to Misha Glenny, author of McMafia which has been made into a series about organised crime in London. He has also written a book Nemesis which focuses on the relationship between the bosses who control Brazil's favela’s streets, the drugs traffickers and the various police forces all of whom are on the take.


Programme Highlights

Misha Glenny, author of McMafia

McMafia is a new drama on BBC featuring a rich Russian family living in London. The series is based on a book written by Misha Glenny in 2008 but which he says is still very relevant with so many Russian oligarchs buying property and settling there

Blindboy Boatclub

Blindboy Boatclub, one half of the Rubberbandits has just published 'The Gospel according to Blindboy', a collection of fifteen short stories.

Tristram Hunt - Director of the Victoria and Albert Museum

The Victoria and Albert Museum in London is the world's leading museum of art and design and Tristram Hunt a former Labour MP is now the Director. He talks to Ryan about the exhibitions they have run this year and what's lined up in the coming months



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