The Ronan Collins Show

The Ronan Collins Show

Monday - Friday, 12 - 1pm

Ronan Collins Thursday 5 September 2013

This week Ronan Collins has teamed up with Travel Department.  We want you to take a holiday from planning your holiday this year and let us and Travel Department do all the planning for you.  We’ve daily prizes of concert tickets with all daily winners going into the Big Final on Friday for a 7 night trip to Madeira.

Click here for details.

The Ronan Collins Show

The Ronan Collins Show

Listeners' choices, old favourites, plus the best of the new as well as many musical surprises

About The Show

For a break from all that news and information throughout the day, check out Ronan Collins on RTÉ Radio 1 at midday where you'll find a feast of music and laughs. A feel-good show to help you through your day.

It's the show that has it all - Listeners Choices, Old Favourites, plus the best of the new as well as many musical surprises.

With a cheeky grin, Ronan enjoys the challenge of filling the afternoon with a show which is a contrast to the news and features programmes across the rest of the schedule on RTÉ Radio 1. His easygoing personality is a welcome interlude from the world around us.

Music Played on the Show

And Your Bird Can Sing

And Your Bird Can Sing

The Beatles




John Mayer


Together In Electric Dreams

Together In Electric Dreams

Philip Oakey And Giorgio Moroder




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