Shay Byrne's Risin' Time

    Monday - Friday, 5.30 - 7am

    Risin' Time Tuesday 19 March 2013


    Shay Byrne's Risin' Time

    The best music mix to start the day with news, weather, traffic and sport with Neil Doherty.

    About The Show

    Shay Byrne sets the alarm clock and kick starts the day on RTÉ Radio 1 at 5.30am with Risin' Time. Shay promises all your favourite tunes, news, traffic and weather updates and some unique touches of his own.

    Monday-Friday, 5.30am

    Music Played on the Show

    • 05:32 a.m.
      Title: And I Love You So
      Performer(s): Perry Como
      Duration: 0:03:31
    • 05:36 a.m.
      Title: Fire & Rain
      Performer(s): James Taylor
      Duration: 0:03:35
    • 05:44 a.m.
      Title: Singin' In The Rain
      Performer(s): Brown / Freed
      Duration: 0:05:09
    • 05:51 a.m.
      Title: This Is The Life
      Performer(s): Matt Monro
      Album: The Greatest
      Duration: 0:02:32
    • 05:53 a.m.
      Title: I Guess the Lord Must Be In New York City
      Performer(s): Harry Nilsson
      Album: Harry Nilsson: Greatest Hits
      Duration: 0:02:56
    • 06:08 a.m.
      Title: Daniel
      Performer(s): Elton John
      Duration: 0:04:05
    • 06:19 a.m.
      Title: Cannonball
      Performer(s): Damien Rice
      Duration: 0:03:38
    • 06:30 a.m.
      Title: This Will Be (an Everlasting Love)
      Performer(s): Natalie Cole
      Album: Inseparable
      Duration: 0:03:02
    • 06:44 a.m.
      Title: I Say A Little Prayer
      Performer(s): Aretha Franklin
      Duration: 0:03:44

    Shay Byrne's Risin' Time

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