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The Ray D'Arcy Show

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Ray Darcy Monday 5 December 2016

                                                  Ray's Over Night Porridge (Oats) Recipe

                                                       1 Heaped Table Spoon of Rasins 

                                                             1 Cup of Porridge Oats

                                                                      1/2 Cup of Water

                                                           1/2 Tea Spoon of Cinnamon 

                                                               ***Soak Over Night***

                                                         1 Small Handful of Blueberries 

                                                         1 Small Handful of Raspberries 

                                                           3 Dollops of Natural Yogurt 

                                                         Top with a Sprinkle of Granola


The Ray D'Arcy Show

The Ray D'Arcy Show

On Today's Show, Ray is making his ultimate Christmas playlist can you help? The People of the Year Awards, Book - Bad Faith, Pricewatch and Des Bishop

Book: Bad Faith

Book: Bad Faith

Paul Offit, Professor of Vaccinology and a professor of paediatrics at the Perelman School of Medicine, is one of the world’s leading experts on vaccines, virology, and immunology. He is a co-creator of the rotavirus vaccine .

Ray previously spoke to Paul about this book Do You Believe in Magic which looked at the world of Health Supplements and now Paul had turned his attention to religion and medicine with his book Bad Faith and he chats to Ray this afternoon to tell him more. 

Conor Pope - Pricewatch

Conor Pope - Pricewatch

Conor Pope joins us once again to champion your consumer issues, if you have a consumer problem you can send it to

Comedian John Bishop


We are joined this afternoon by Liverpudlian comedian legend John Bishop!

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