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News At One Friday 20 January 2017

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Sinn Féin President, Gerry Adams on the departure of Martin McGuinness

The party is to name the person who will succeed Mr McGuinness as leader in the North on Monday, heralding in a new generation of republican leaders

Donald Trump's inauguration takes place later today

Donald Trump will solemnly swear to faithfully execute the office and to the best of his ability preserve protect and defend the US constitution. Our Washington Correspondent Caitriona Perry looks ahead to today's ceremony

Leading Republican Cleta Mitchell on her hopes for the Trump presidency

Cleta Mitchell is often listed as one of the most influential women in the Republican Party. She is on the board of the National Rifle Association and as a Washington-based lawyer has represents many senior party figures

Widespread mistreatment of children outlined in Historical Instutional Child Abuse Inquiry

Chairman Anthony Hart has been detailing the inquiry's findings in Belfast. Brendan Wright of our Northern staff talks us through the detail

The country's Catholic bishops have been meeting Pope Francis in the Vatican

Archbishop Eamon Martin has said that the publication of the report into the historical insitutional child abuse in Northern Ireland is a very significant moment. The Primate of All Ireland spoke to us from the Vatican

A man is arrested in connection with a 12-year-old murder inquiry

Irene White was attacked and stabbed to death in her home in Dundalk in April 2005. Our Crime Correspondent Paul Reynolds explains the background

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