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The prestigious annual Rose D'Or Awards (now in their 55th year) honour the very best of international radio, TV and online entertainment programmes, and they will take place later this year.  Over 400 programmes from more than 130 broadcasters and production companies in 33 different countries were submitted for this year’s Rose d’Or awards.  For the first time, a new competition category, 'Radio Event Of The Year' was created.  We entered European Dawn Chorus in this category, and we're absolutely delighted to let you know that we're one of the final nominees!!  And another programme from the Mooney team, called A Very Merry Mooney Tunes, has been shortlisted in the Radio - Music Show category! Click here to read more about the 2016 Rose D'Or Finalists, and click here to relive - and re-listen to - all the beautiful Dawn Chorus birdsong from right across Europe.

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On Mooney today...

On Mooney today...

We hear about the woman who was buried in a coffin with her favourite brand of coffee emblazoned on the side – is such advertising in bad taste? And comedian Conal Gallen joins us for a chat and some laughs!

Meeting The Pope

Derek is a bit peeved that singer Nicole Scherzinger got to meet the Pope this week, as he explains why to Brenda...

Caring For Garden Birds This Winter

Caring For Garden Birds This Winter

To find out how to care for and attract garden birds, read Jim Wilson's Guide To Garden Birds - CLICK HERE!

Advertising On Coffins

We've spoken before on the show about coffins. Some people want to be buried in opulent mahogany caskets with plush lining, some want a cardboard box, some want biodegradable coffins and some want to simply be wrapped in a cloth before being lowered into the ground.

But one of the most unusual coffins we've ever seen was featured in the newspapers on Monday. The wooden coffin is burgundy and features the white logo of 'Costa Coffee' on the side.

The words 'one shot, extra hot skinny latte' are written on the side of the coffin, the drink of choice of the deceased woman, Karen Lloyd from Swindon in the UK

Well it got us thinking... is this bad taste? Are there some places that should be sacred and advertising-free? Where are the most 'unusual' places you have come across advertising?! You can text your views to 51551, tweet @MooneyShow or e-mail

For more on this, we're joined in studio by Michael Cullen, who is the Editor of Marketing Magazine, and by Jonathan Stafford, who is the Managing Director of Staffords Funeral Directors, and is a third-generation undertaker.

The company who made the Costa coffin are called Colourful Coffins, and they are based in England. Here are some more examples of their work:


Conal Gallen's Bit On The Side

We're going to lighten the mood and have some fun with a good, old fashioned gag man! The last time Conal Gallen was on the show, two years ago, he took part in our attempt to set a world record for the most jokes in a minute.

Conal Gallen

Conal Gallen told 17 jokes, which was only two less than the official Guinness world record which was set by Liverpudlian, Sean Styles. Well Conal's one man show A Bit On The Side is in the Olympia on Saturday, March 1st, so we've invited him in today to brighten the mood in studio!

For more information on A Bit On The Side, visit

How To Become A Child Star!

Here on Mooney, we are trawling the country for talented children who are confident performers – to find Ireland’s next child star. The competition is open to boys AND girls – as long as you're 10 years old or under. To enter all you have to do is record a piece that's no more than three minutes long, tell us where you're from and how old you are - and entries must come in to us via parents or guardians.

You can record it on your iPhone, smart phone, computer, or in a studio – whichever is available to you.

Then e-mail your entry to, putting "SEARCH FOR A CHILD STAR" in the subject field.

Remember, the competition is open to children 10 years old or under. Tell us where you're from and give us a phone number so that we can get in touch with you! Make sure you have the consent of your parent or guardian.



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