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    Mooney, Thursday January 2nd 2014


    On Mooney today...

    With a range of taxes and charges due this year, Charlie Weston from the Irish Independent will have advice on how to save €1000; Olan McGowan has an update on our Mooney Word of the Year competition, we’ll take a look at some of Old Moore’s predictions for the year and the BBC's Lucy Ash visits Sochi in Russia ahead of the Winter Olympics ...


    Mooney Word Of The Year Competition

    Words are exactly what we’re talking about now - specifically, the "word of the year" competition we announced before Christmas. Now, we did say we would announce the winner today, our first day back. But producer Olan McGowan is here with news of an extension to the deadline!

    Entries will now close next Monday, January 6th 2014.

    Send your suggestion for Word Of The Year to or text 51551 whilst the programme is on air!


    How To Save A Grand!

    There are a whole new range of taxes and charges announced in the last budget now coming at you, so today we are going to look at ways we can narrow the ever-increasing gap between income and outgoings.

    We are joined in studio today by Charlie Weston, Personal Finance Editor for the Irish Independent has come in today to tell us how we can save a thousand euro or more this year!

    Click here to read Charlie's most recent article on What’s in store for you and your money in the year ahead?.

    Charlie's Tips:

    - Switch energy provider (the websites that Charlie mentions are and

    - Switch bank account to reduce bank charges

    - Switch health insurance provider when your renewal time comes around




    Old Moore's Predictions For 2014

    So what does 2014 have in store for us? Well, let us tell you...

    We will have another great summer... - yes, the sun will make another appearance! Mayo will win the All-Ireland football final in September and President Michael D Higgins may retire!!!

    Those are just some of the predictions from Old Moore’s Almanac for the coming year. Nicole Buckler is Editor of that very famous publication, and she joins us in studio today with more predictions!

    For more information, visit


    The Putin Project

    You have to wonder whether the Russian authorities had any idea of the intensity of the international spotlight when they arrested, charged and imprisoned those three women, the members of the punk band, Pussy Riot. 

    Whatever your feelings about their protest, I think it's fair to say that in most Western democracies, this type of action would NEVER result in any significant jail time. 

    Russia operates to different standards from most European countries. And its most significant politician, Vladimir Putin, is seen by many as the man who ultimately calls the shots, where any major policy decision is concerned. 

    Well, in just over one month, on February 6th, Russia will host the 22nd Winter Olympics in the city of Sochi, on the coast of the Black Sea. And Vladimir Putin is determined that these games will be a resounding success. 

    However, many critics of the games believe they represent some of the worst aspects of Russian power, and particularly the power of its president. 

    Lucy Ash is a radio producer with the BBC, and she's just completed a documentary called The Putin Project, examining these issues. She joins us this afternoon from the BBC studios in London...

    To listen back to the BBC World Service documentary The Putin Project, click here.

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