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    Mooney, Thursday October 3rd 2013


    On Mooney today, with Brenda Donohue

    We hear from the air hostess who says her life improved when she had her ears pinned back, we find out about a very unusual plant which grows both tomatoes AND potatoes, and we’ll have some music from onboard the RTÉ Big Music Week train!


    Ear Pinning

    He’s currently the most expensive soccer player in the history of the game - Real Madrid recently paid Tottenham Hotspur a whopping €100 million for Gareth Bale.

    But last year, the Welshman took himself off for the summer break, not to a 7-star hotel in Dubai or a private yacht in Ibiza to party – instead he checked himself in to fix something that had been bothering him for years: his sticky-out ears.

    When he arrived back at White Hart Lane, Spurs fans were quick to notice. They joked that his pinned-back ears were helping him to run faster as he began a phenomenal season, scoring 31 goals for club and country.

    It might be a leap too far to suggest that his ear operation gave him the confidence to up his game so dramatically but certainly his last season at Spurs was his best ever.

    Bale’s operation has piqued a lot of people’s curiosity about ear-pinning - or 'otoplasty' as it’s more formally known - and joining us in studio to tell us more about the procedure is plastic surgeon, Dr Patricia Eadie...

    And during the week, Brenda spoke to one of Dr. Eadie's adult patients, Jenny Hayes, who recently had just one of her ears pinned back. This is Jenny as a child before the operation...

     Jenny Hayes with her prominent ear, as a child

    For more information on what the ear pinning procedure involves, click here, and for more information on Dr. Eadie, click here.


    RTÉ Big Music Week: House Party on Big Music Train with Derek Ryan!

    Well, RTÉ's fourth Big Music Week is well and truly underway, with the Big Music Week Train cutting a dash in every station it pulls into. Mooney has jumped on board the train, and on Monday, Brenda hosted a most unusual House Party!

    Just a quick reminder, the house parties are when a well known artist or band perform in a listener front room, kitchen, bathroom... whatever.

    We’ve had some of Ireland’s greatest entertainers, Brian Kennedy, Tommy Fleming, The Furey Brothers, Majella and Daniel O'Donnell, Crystal Swing, Jack L and the list goes on, all singing their hearts out in many a kitchen, all across the country.

    Last Monday, we are took our House Party and put it on the Big Music Week Train along with Ireland’s hottest country music star.

    A carriage load of Mooney listeners travelled from Carlow to Waterford and back again all in the delightful company of Derek Ryan, who sang for us all along the way.

    Brenda and her fellow passengers all gathered at 2.15pm on the platform in Carlow train station and waited for the Big Music Week Train.

    People travelled from all over the country, Kilkenny, Roscommon, Galway, Laois, Dublin and of course Carlow to be part of this most unique house party, and today, we enjoy just a flavour of the fun on board, beginning with some of the passengers as they waited on the platform for the Big Music Week Train! For more information on the Big Music Train, visit


    TomTatoes And Plant Grafting

    Have you ever heard of the TomTato plant? It grows cherry tomatoes on top and potatoes underground! It's a new plant that has been introduced to the market for the first time by a mail order seed and plant company in the UK called Thompson and Morgan.

    Their new product development manager Michael Perry is in the BBC's Suffolk studio to tell us more about this plant that gives you chips and the ketchup to go with it! And in studio we have Matthew Jebb, Director of the National Botanic Gardens here in Dublin.

    For more information about the TomTato, click here.

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