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    Derek discovers how the more we age, the happier we get – but only after fifty! Personal finance journalist Jill Kerby has some timely advice on prioritising the household budget. And we find out how everyone's favourite artist Don Conroy will be appearing alongside Chris O'Dowd in Moone Boy.  Plus: drawing on the radio? We show you it CAN be done, as Don teaches us all how to draw a barn owl!


    Don Conroy To Appear In Moone Boy!

    Mention the name Don Conroy, and warm memories come flooding back of Don teaching us all to draw on The Den, many moons ago.  Now Don is set to return to our screens, in Chris O'Dowd's hit Sky One comedy Moone Boy!  He joins Derek in studio today to tell us how he's getting on working with Hollywood's - and Boyle's - man of the moment!

    David Rawle and Chris O'Dowd in Moone Boy


    Draw With Don: Cartoon Barn Owl

    Ever thought you could learn to draw by listenening to the radio? Well grab a pencil and paper, and get set to have some fun as Don Conroy teaches you how to draw a cartoon barn owl!

    - Scan in your picture and e-mail it to
    - Post in your picture to Mooney, RTÉ Radio Centre, Donnybrook, Dublin
    - Take a photo of your picture on your phone or camera, and e-mail it to

    Please get your pictures scanned, sent or e-mailed to us by the end of this Friday, August 9th.  Don will have a look at them all, and we'll have a prize for the best!

    Here are the cartoon barn owls drawn by Don, Derek and Mary Kingston!

    Cartoon Barn Owl by Don Conroy

    Cartoon Barn Owl by Derek Mooney

    Cartoon Barn Owl by Mary Kingston 


    Happiness Comes With Age - Survey

    Katriona McFadden, Mooney reporter, voxpops members of the public to find out what makes them happy, and if they are getting happier as they get older...


    Jill Kerby's Personal Finance: Household Budgets

    Gone are the days when many of us spent a lot more than we should buying things we didn’t need with money we didn’t have. But regardless of how tight things are, the reality is that there are certain things we can’t avoid spending money on.

    The time comes when the house has to be redecorated – and when the washing machine breaks down it has to be replaced. In the next few weeks parents all round the country will be kitting the kids out for going back to school – and there’s no getting round that one.

    So the question is – what is the best way to go about prioritising spending from the household budget?

    Personal finance journalist Jill Kerby is in studio with Derek today...

    For more information, visit Jill's website:  And to visit the MABS [Money Advice and Budgeting Service] website, and use their free household budgeting tool, then click here:

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