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The prestigious annual Rose D'Or Awards (now in their 55th year) honour the very best of international radio, TV and online entertainment programmes, and they will take place later this year.  Over 400 programmes from more than 130 broadcasters and production companies in 33 different countries were submitted for this year’s Rose d’Or awards.  For the first time, a new competition category, 'Radio Event Of The Year' was created.  We entered European Dawn Chorus in this category, and we're absolutely delighted to let you know that we're one of the final nominees!!  And another programme from the Mooney team, called A Very Merry Mooney Tunes, has been shortlisted in the Radio - Music Show category! Click here to read more about the 2016 Rose D'Or Finalists, and click here to relive - and re-listen to - all the beautiful Dawn Chorus birdsong from right across Europe.

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On Mooney today...

On Mooney today...

Aviation expert Gerry Byrne explains how airlines can spend millions of euro on an aircraft and still make money, we hear about some of the tropical diseases which are carried into Ireland, and we learn how city life is stressing out our cats!

Music In Film

Music In Film

The RTÉ Concert Orchestra will be taking part in the Galway Arts Festival, when they present A Night At The Proms, on Saturday Night!  Today David Brophy, who is the conductor of the RTÉ Orchestra, joins Derek in studio to tell us about some of the highlights we might expect!

A Night At The Big Top is on Saturday, July 27th at 18:30 - for more details, click here!

Stolen Dogs

Stolen Dogs

There seems to be an upsurge in the theft of dogs in recent months… In one particular case two much loved lurcher dogs, Jodie and Erin which were stolen from a boarding kennel in Kildare in May.

Their owners were heartbroken, but with a very impressive campaign using celebrities, social networks and a lot of hard work, both dogs were successfully retrieved – separately – six weeks later.

But not all of us would have the time or the know how to get our dogs back… one veterinarian from Bray Vet has for some time now been trying to raise public awareness of the risk to pets – and he says it's not just pedigree dogs that are targets! He wants us to start treating or dogs like expensive cameras – and not to leave them unattended on the front lawn!!!

Pete Wedderburn is here to tell us more…

What do you do if you have a lost dog, or if you think your dog has been stolen?

1. First, phone your local dog warden. Dogs wardens are employed by local authorities to help to deal with lost/ roaming dogs, so there is a good chance that the details of your dog may be on record. An astonishing number of owners of missing dogs never take this initial, important step, so do this before doing anything else.

2. Second visit one or more of these websites, and follow the instructions:

a) The comprehensive and recently updated "What to do if you have lost your pet" page on the Dublin SPCA website. This page includes many other "lost and found" links for Ireland.

b) The excellent Lor’s Lost Dog Page on Facebook

c) The useful ISPCA Lost and Found section

d) The long established "What to do if you lose your dog" page on

If you'd like to read Pete's blog, the link is

Tropical Parasites

If you are heading to the Tropics this summer, one of the most important items you must get is a travel iron, and some appropriate footwear - not because you look sharp, but for reasons far more serious!  Mary Kingston went to find out about the need for ironing in the tropics, in the company of Dr. Graham Fry, from the Tropical Medical Bureau; she also spoke to Anthony Hannon, who had a rather nasty encounter with a bug he christened Arnie!

Anthony and Arnie

Measuring Arnie

Arnie in Anthony's arm


Arnie in Anthony's arm

Giving birth to Arnie!

Arnie beside a €1 coin

To find out more about the Tropical Medical Bureau, click here, and to find out more about Tissue Myiasis, click here to read the TMB factsheet!

How Do Airlines Make Money?

How Do Airlines Make Money?

Earlier this month, British Airways took delivery of a brand new Airbus A380 superjumbo plane. The huge double-decker – the world's largest passenger plane – will make its first commercial long-haul flight with BA to Los Angeles on September 24th.

The delivery of the £270 million superjumbo followed that of two Boeing Dreamliner aircraft as part of a £10 billion British Airway's plan to upgrade its long-haul fleet.

Which got us wondering: how on earth, with huge outlays like that (and that’s only the cost of their planes), do airlines make money? How many tickets does a flight need to sell to break even? When you buy a plane ticket how much of it is profit?

To find out, Derek is joined in studio today by aviation journalist, Gerry Byrne.



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