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    Tuesday, June 18th 2013


    On Mooney today, with Neil Delamere...

    Katrina McFadden discovers a Persian cat whose teeth are brushed with chicken flavoured toothpaste, and who is pushed around in her own pram! Officially, Ireland's most pampered pet! As the first ever book banned in the Irish Republic gets set for a reprint, Pat O'Mahony looks at the history of cultural censorship in Ireland. And, brussels sprouts sandwiches, chicken tikka lasagne... Are there are no limits to the absurdity of fusion foods? Robert Doggett, from the Trocodero Restaurant, and Sophie Morris, from Kooky Dough, give us their views!


    Pampered Pets Winner

    Last week we read that fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld had declared he wanted to marry his cat, Choupette. Choupette has two personal maids in her Parisian mansion and is a very mollycoddled moggie indeed.

    Well we wondered how pampered are Ireland’s pets? Could we out-do Paris?

    And so we decided to launch a competition to find “Ireland’s Most Pampered Pet”!

    We asked you to send us a photo of your pet along with the story of how you spoil them.

    And, boy, there is some serious pampering going on!

    But there can only be one winner, so we join Katriona McFadden in our Galway studio, to find out who that is!

    Winner: Penny the cat; owner: Edna Ridge, Galway

    Penny/ Edna Ridge

    And we also have five runners-up!

    Hanzi/ owner: Oonagh O'Brien

    Bella & Millie/ owner: Klarissa Horgan

    Truffles & Pia/ owner: Muriel Haire

    Lord Fluffy Follett/ owner: Geraldine Buggy

    Barney/ owner: Janet Taylor

    And we would like to pay an honourable mention to the following!

    Sam/ owner: Siobhan McCarthy

    Coco Chanel/ owner: Suzanne Winters

    Kaspar/ owner: Stella Ring

    We had lots of great entries, and narrowed them all down to a "top six". That is to say, a winner, and 5 runners-up.

    But nobody goes away empty-handed!

    Each of the five runners-up will receive a gorgeous hamper of products from Whiskas and Pedigree Chum.

    The hampers will include a terrific selection of care products and treats for your pet.

    Petcare products such as DentaStix and Dreamies, from the leading petcare brands.

    And, of course, some lovely munchies, courtesy of Pedigree and Whiskas, Ireland's leading pet foods.


    Fusion Foods

    Legend has it that many women crave the most ridiculous combinations of foods when they are pregnant. Curry soup with Italian olives, banana ice cream and pickles, whatever you can think of, a pregnant woman somewhere has probably already eaten it!

    However, it seems that strange mixtures are becoming more popular with the public in general, with the likes of chicken tikka lasagne (currently on sale in Iceland). And the latest concoction from Tayto is cheese and onion flavour chocolate!

    If you have tasted these combinations, by all means text us on 51551 and let us know what you thought!

    For the food purists, these kinds of combinations constitute crimes against good food which, presumably, should be punished by the complete removal of taste buds!

    To discuss this, we are joined in studio by two food enthusiasts: Sophie Morris, co-founder of Kooky Dough, and author of Sophie Kooks – Quick and Easy Feelgood Food and Image Magazine Young Businesswoman of the Year 2012!

    And we are also joined by Robert Doggett, co-owner and Maitre D’ of the Trocodero Restaurant on Saint Andrew Street in Dublin.

    The fusion food that Sophie and Robert taste in studio are:

    Tayto Milk Chocolate Bar


    Chicken Tikka Lasagne




    Censored And Banned Books, Music And Movies

    The first novel to be officially banned in Ireland after independence was republished last week.

    Liam O’Flaherty’s The House Of Gold was banned by the Irish Censorship of Publications Board the year after its release in 1929, as it was believed to be indecent and obscene.

    The new publication of The House Of Gold through Nuascéalta Teo publishers marks the first time the book has been freely available in Ireland in more than 83 years.

    Ireland has a long history of proscribing stuff, and today, Neil is joined in studio by TV and radio producer and director, Pat O’Mahony, who’s been casting his not-easily-offended eye over some of Ireland's censorship moments...

    Children's Gospel Workshop

    Our reporter, Brenda Donohue, was in Kilkenny over the weekend, where she attended Ireland’s first ever Children’s Gospel Workshop!

    220 pupils from 7-12 from Cork, Kilkenny, Dunamaggin, attended the workshop, which was given by Ja Ronn Thompson. Ja Ronn lectures on gospel music in San Francisco State University.

    Brenda spoke to Ja Ronn, some of the children involved, and Teresa Comerford, the event manger of Kilkenny Gospel Choir Festival...

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