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Caring For Wild Animals

Please note that many species of mammals, birds, invertebrates etc... are protected under law and that, even with the best of intentions, only someone holding a relevant licence from the National Parks & Wildlife Service should attempt the care of these animals.  For full details, please click here to read the NPWS Checklist of protected & rare species in Ireland.  If you are concerned about a wild animal, please contact your local wildlife ranger - click here for details.

Events & Listings

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On Mooney today...

On Mooney today...

Brenda meets the Arranmore Pipe Band, who will perform Amhrán na bhFiann ahead of the Ireland-Austria match - plus by John Delaney, Chief Executive of the FAI, for his thoughts on the game.  Katriona McFadden tells us about preparing to take on the challenge of the Camino Way. And Derek talks to Canadian Taylor More, who's selling his house for "bitcoins", a peer-to-peer internet currency.

Camino Santiago de Compostela

Camino Santiago de Compostela

Next week, Mooney reporter Katriona McFadden will walk the Camino De Santiago. She is travelling courtesy of CaminoWays.com, an Irish company who can pre-book accommodation and luggage transfers along the Camino for you.

Roland from Camino Ways is giving a talk about the Camino in the 53 Degrees North shop in Cork tomorrow evening (Weds) at 7pm and in the Carrickmines branch of the shop on Thursday at 7pm.

Today she interviewed Padraig McSweeney, Chairman of the Irish Society of the friends of St James. (www.stjamesirl.com).

They can supply pilgrims with their passports and also hold regular information evenings.

She also spoke to Michael Walsh who is walking from Holycross Abbey to Santiago on April 7th. Michael and his walking partner Yvonne Tyler are fundraising for autism charities. You can support them here: http://www.mycharity.ie/event/holycrosstosantiago/.

You can get two stamps in your Pilgrims Passport before you leave Ireland. You can get one from the Guinness Storehouse and the other from St James Church.

The Arranmore Pipe Band's 'Amhrán na bhFiann' At The Aviva!

Would the last person to leave the island of Arranmore please turn off the lights?

That’s because, today, most of the island’s population have taken the ferry and then the coach to the Aviva Stadium in Dublin for a very special community event.

John Delaney and Ray Houghton visit Arranmore United last year

As you know, Ireland play a crucial World Cup qualifying match against Austria tonight and starting the night off, the pipe band of Arranmore will play our national anthem, Amhrán na bhFiann.

Now we know, that if you play or perform the national anthem incorrectly, you court controversy, as Brian Burns found out in Sweden last Friday...

So no pressure on the Arranmore Pipe Band then!  Brenda is in Whites Sandes Hotel in Portmarnock with most of the population of Arranmore...

John Delaney and Ray Houghton offically open Arranmore United's stand in memory of the late Antoin Gallagher last year 

Bitcoins: The Peer-To-Peer Currency

Bitcoins: The Peer-To-Peer Currency

Remember how we were all obsessed with house valuations during the boom times?

Well the house price obsession has come back to haunt us once again. But how times have changed!

These days rather than praying our houses have jumped in value by 10% or 20% we’re all hoping they are worth next to nothing!

The lower the house value the lower your property tax will be!

Of course the major problem is how to put a value on any property in the current climate. But that’s something you will have to work out for yourselves.

Let’s say your house is worth 1 million euro. According to the latest exchange rates, provided by gocurrency .com your 1 million Euro is worth £851,980 sterling approximately..

Which is also equivalent to $ 1,296,460 that’s US Dollars.

HOWEVER, there is a new currency on the block. And one we might all be using in years to come, to trade all kinds of things including houses..

It’s not a national currency, linked to any particular country, But an INTERNET currency .. And this currency is called ‘BITCOINS’

And in case you are interested, according to another website,. Coinmill.com, you 1 million euro house is worth 17, 016.92 bitcoins

So .. what ARE these mysterious bitcoins?

Joining Derek from Nashville, Tennessee, is a Canadian man called Taylor More and if anyone can explain this new currency, he can because he is selling his parents house using exclusively these bitcoins.

And financial journalist Jill Kerby also gives us her opinion on bitcoins!

Hedgerows: It is an offence to 'cut, grub, burn or otherwise destroy hedgerows on uncultivated land during the nesting season from 1 March to 31 August, subject to certain exceptions'. For more information, click here.

UPDATE: February 29th 2016 - Press Release From BirdWatch Ireland:

Putting the record straight: Dates for burning and hedge-cutting have NOT changed

BirdWatch Ireland, Ireland’s largest conservation charity, is very concerned about misinformation that is currently circulating regarding the dates within which the burning of vegetation and cutting of hedges is permitted.  It would like to remind landowners that all burning and cutting must cease on 29th February this year and that burning and cutting remains prohibited from 1st March to 31st August.

Despite attempts by the Minister for Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht, Heather Humphreys T.D., to change the laws regulating these dates by introducing the Heritage Bill 2016 earlier this year, it is important to note that the proposed date changes were ultimately NOT made.  This is because the bill failed to pass through both houses of the Oireachtas before the recent dissolution of the Dáil in advance of the general election.

The laws in place governing the dates for hedge-cutting and upland burning therefore remain unchanged. The period within which cutting and burning is prohibited are set down in Section 40 of the Wildlife Act 1976 (as amended in 2000), which states that:

(a) It shall be an offence for a person to cut, grub, burn or otherwise destroy, during the period beginning on the 1st day of March and ending on the 31st day of August in any year, any vegetation growing on any land not then cultivated.
(b) It shall be an offence for a person to cut, grub, burn or otherwise destroy any vegetation growing in any hedge or ditch during the period mentioned in paragraph (a) of this subsection (above).

The existing law provides exemptions for road safety and other circumstances and should be read carefully to ensure compliance.

Section 40 of the Wildlife Act exists to protect nesting birds. Many of our upland bird species are in decline and are in danger of extinction in Ireland; amongst them is the Curlew, which has declined by 80%. Many birds which nest in hedgerows into August are also in serious decline, including the endangered Yellowhammer. The changes to the cutting and burning dates which had been proposed in the now-defunct Heritage Bill 2016 would have caused serious impacts to these birds. A petition launched by BirdWatch Ireland in conjunction with several other national conservation organisations to stop these changes attracted more than 16,200 signatures and rising.

BirdWatch Ireland would also like to advise members of the public that if they see hedges being cut or fires in the uplands on or after 1st March, such activity could be illegal.  In such cases, we would encourage people to contact the National Parks and Wildlife Service (www.npws.ie) to report such activity.

BirdWatch Ireland warmly welcomes the demise of the Heritage Bill 2016 and sincerely hopes that any future administration will consider the importance of Ireland’s natural heritage and will not attempt to reintroduce such a flawed and damaging piece of legislation.

To contact your local wildlife ranger, click here for contact details. To read the Wildlife (Amendment) Act 2000, click here.


Please DO NOT send any live, dead or skeletal remains of any creature whatsoever to Mooney Goes Wild.

If you find an injured animal or bird, please contact the National Parks & Wildlife Service on 1890 20 20 21, or BirdWatch Ireland, on 01 281-9878, or visit www.irishwildlifematters.ie


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