Sunday 14th January

Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 14/01/18 - Special - The Bergen Whale

A special programme on the Bergen Whale, which was found to have over 30 plastic bags in its stomach, as we investigate the horrific effect that plastic pollution is having on marine animals... www.rte.ie/mooney

Sunday 7th January

Connecting Nature

Eanna ni Lamhna meets up with Trinity's Dr. Marcus Collier, to hear how modern cities can provide nature-based solutions to 21st century problems... www.rte.ie/mooney

Cork's Red Pandas

Prof. John O’Halloran visits Fota Island Nature Reserve in Co Cork, to chat with Director Sean McKeown, meet some adorable Red Panda Cubs – and much more besides! www.rte.ie/mooney

Mesmerising Starling Murmurations

Derek visits the Albert Bridge in Belfast, and Lough Ennell in Co. Westmeath, to witness the magnificence of nature’s ballet that is the starling murmuration... www.rte.ie/mooney

Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 07/01/18

On MGW tonight: Mesmerising Starling Murmurations; Cork's Red Pandas; Connecting Nature... www.rte.ie/mooney

Sunday 17th December

Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 17/12/17 - Special - Christmas Gift Special

On Mooney Goes Wild tonight: not sure what to get the nature lover in your life for Christmas? Join Derek, Richard, Ken, Eanna, Terry and Niall for our bumper Christmas gift suggestions programme! www.rte.ie/mooney

Sunday 10th December

Harper's Island Nature Reserve

Ornithologist Jim Wilson tells us about the new Harper's Island Wetland Centre in Cork! www.rte.ie/mooney

Dancing Gulls

Have you ever noticed gulls dancing? Derek meets up with BirdWatch Ireland's Niall Hatch to find out more about why they do this... www.rte.ie/mooney

Coffee Cup Levies & Kenya's Plastic Pollution Reduction

As Ireland considers introducing a coffee cup levy, Kenya's Environment Minister Judi Wakhungu tells us how her country is combating plastic pollution... www.rte.ie/mooney

Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 10/12/17

On MGW tonight: Coffee Cup Levies & Kenya's Plastic Pollution Reduction; Dancing Gulls; Harper's Island Nature Reserve...

Sunday 3rd December

Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 03/12/17 -Special - Irish Ornithological Research Conference

On MGW tonight: we celebrate the latest Irish research into Ireland's bird species, as Derek and Dr. Richard Collins meet up with Professor John O'Halloran, and a wealth of scholars, for the 7th Irish Ornithological Research Conference at UCC... www.rte.ie/mooney

Sunday 26th November

GMIT Screens 'Sonic Sea' Documentary

Lorraine Bull, of the Irish Whale & Dolphin Group, has news of a special screening of the documentary Sonic Sea, at GMIT, on November 29th 2017 ... www.rte.ie/mooney

Cork Birdathon

Derek has details of the upcoming Cork Birdathon, which will take place on December 2nd 2017 ... www.rte.ie/mooney

Another Bite Of The Cherry

Eanna ni Lamhna visits Dr. Matthew Jebb at the National Botanic Gardens to find out more about the current exhibition there, called 'Another Bite Of The Cherry'... www.rte.ie/mooney

Bumper Mushroom Season

Terry Flanagan goes out exploring the forest and looking for mushrooms, in the company of listener James Connell... www.rte.ie/mooney

Irish Mosquitoes

Derek and Richard Collins chat to Finán Gallagher about researching mosquitoes in Ireland, and to Siobhan Grehan about treating Irish travellers who've contracted exotic diseases... www.rte.ie/mooney

Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 26/11/17

On MGW tonight: Irish Mosquitoes; Bumper Mushroom Season; Another Bite Of The Cherry; Cork Birdathon; GMIT Screens 'Sonic Sea' Documentary... www.rte.ie/mooney

Sunday 19th November

Venom - Killer And Cure

We meet musician Steve Ludwin, a man who has been injecting himself with snake venom for 30 years, as 'Venom – Killer and Cure' opens at the Natural History Museum in London; Dr Ronald Jenner, Venom Evolution expert, has the details of this fascinating exhibition... www.rte.ie/mooney

J. Ashton Freeman & Budgerigars

On J. Ashton Freeman’s anniversary, we delve deep into the archives with RTÉ Radio Archivist Rob Canning, to learn about the times when RTÉ wildlife presenters told stories about harpooning whales whilst performing their own sound effects! Gerard Lanigan, from the Éire Budgerigar Society, has advice on how to teach a budgie to talk... www.rte.ie/mooney

Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 19/11/17

On MGW tonight: J. Ashton Freeman & Budgerigars; Venom - Killer And Cure... www.rte.ie/mooney

Sunday 12th November

The Living Bog & Tapestry Of Light

Eanna ni Lamhna travels to Clara Bog in County Offaly to learn about The Living Bog project, which plans to bring back to life an area the size of 7,000 Croke Parks! PLUS we talk to photographer Tina Claffey about her new book of stunning photographs of Ireland's bogs - and we have a competition to win one of three copies!

Wicklow's Woodpeckers

Eric Dempsey meets author Declan Murphy to find out how woodpeckers are making their presence felt in Wicklow... www.rte.ie/mooney

Migration Of Monarch Butterflies & Adopting Streams

We find out about the Monarch Butterfly which landed on the head of an unsuspecting angler, and Ken Whelan explains why you should adopt a stream! www.rte.ie/mooney

Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 12/11/17

On MGW tonight: Migration Of Monarch Butterflies & Adopting Streams; Wicklow's Woodpeckers; The Living Bog & Tapestry Of Light... www.rte.ie/mooney

PODCAST - Woodpeckers: A Life In The Trees

Author Declan Murphy reads an extract from his book 'A Life In The Trees'. For more information about the book, and to listen back to Eric Dempsey's interview with Declan, visit www.rte.ie/mooney.

Sunday 5th November

Trinity Trees Project

Eanna ni Lamhna learns how an art installation is revealing microscopic magic in the Trinity Trees Project...

Blue Planet II

We chat to Orla Doherty, one of the producers of BBC Television’s spectacular Blue Planet II series...

Colin Stafford-Johnson On Tour

Award-winning wildlife cameraman Colin Stafford-Johnson shares his experience of filming in some of the wildest places on earth with Derek and panelists Dr. Richard Collins and Dr. Ken Whelan...

Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 05/11/17

On MGW tonight: Colin Stafford-Johnson On Tour; Blue Planet II; Trinity Trees Project...

Sunday 29th October

Green Flag School

The extremely eco-friendly Presentation Primary School for Girls in Drogheda have just been awarded their SIXTH Green Flag, this time for biodiversity. Derek and Philip McCabe, President of Apimondia, went along to visit...

Zoë Devlin

Eanna ni Lamhna meets author Zoë Devlin for a beautiful autumnal walk, deep within the County Wicklow countryside, with both botanists keeping a beady eye out for any beguiling plants along the way... plus find out how you could WIN a copy of Zoë's latest book, 'Blooming Marvellous: A Wildflower Hunter’s Year'!

Irish Woman Lynn Clifford, Conservationist In Malawi

Richard Collins meets Swords woman Lynn Clifford, who heads up a conservation group in Malawi called Wildlife Action Group, to find out how illegal wildlife trade is being fought there...

Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 29/10/17

On MGW tonight: Irish Woman Lynn Clifford, Conservationist In Malawi; Zoë Devlin; Green Flag School...

Sunday 22nd October

John Bradley

John Bradley is Manager of the Frampton Marsh Nature Reserve and he joined Derek on the phone to tell him How did “Hula” the whooper swam come to be at Frampton March.

Bat Bridge

Derek visited Ireland's first-ever bat bridge over Galway's newest motorway constructed specially to conserve the Lesser Horseshoe bat.The lesser Horseshoe Bat one of the smallest mammals in Ireland gets its name from the horseshoe-shaped flap of skin which surrounds its nostrils.

Hurricane Winds

On Monday this week a very angry Ophelia swept in off the south west coast of Ireland wreaking havoc to all in its path and leaving a trail of destruction. As we know many near misses were reported. So how do animals fare when hurricanes hit? In studio Derek spoke with Eric Dempsey, Éanna Ní Lamhna and Richard Collins.

Sunday 15th October

Manchester's Backpacker Bees

Sarah Martin tells us about a programme in Manchester called Connected Bees, which provides bees with backpacks to collect data as well as pollen!

DNA Research Proves Native Irish Honey Bee Not Extinct

LIT student Jack Hassett explains why his DNA research has proved conclusively that the Irish Honey Bee is NOT extinct...

The Skerries Shark

Sailing instructor Kerri-Ann Boylan tells Derek about the shark she filmed swimming in Skerries during the week, as shark expert Lucy Hunt gives us her view on the sighting...

Apimondia 2017

Philip McCabe, Mooney Goes Wild's resident bee expert and President of Apimondia, joins Derek and Richard in studio to chat about the recent Apimondia conference in Turkey that was attended by almost 13,000 people from 127 countries!

Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 15/10/17

On MGW tonight: Apimondia 2017; The Skerries Shark; DNA Research Proves Native Irish Honey Bee Not Extinct; Manchester's Backpacker Bees...

Sunday 8th October

Mooney Goes Wild: The Wildlife Of The Wooden Bridge (08/10/17)

Derek is joined by Mooney Goes Wild regulars Richard Collins, Eanna ni Lamhna, Terry Flanagan and Richard Collins, for a stroll along the Wooden Bridge on North Bull Island, in Dublin Bay, to discover the wildlife that can be found there...

Sunday 1st October

Life In Plastic

Research has revealed that microplastic particles are also contaminating the atmosphere and even our tap water, with potential risks for our health. Dr. Anne Marie Mahon, from the Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology, is at the forefront of research into microplastics in our environment - and Richard and Derek travelled to Galway to meet her to find out more...

Invasive Pink Salmon

Mooney Goes Wild's resident marine biologist Dr Ken Whelan joins Derek, Richard Collins and Eanna ni Lamhna in studio tonight explain why he has been tracing the increasing appearances of pink salmon in Irish rivers, and the possible impact they could have on our native species of Atlantic Salmon...

Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 01/10/17

On MGW tonight: Invasive Pink Salmon; Life In Plastic...

Sunday 24th September

Mooney Goes Wild - Doc: Fallow Deer - The Dubliner's Deer - Revisited

Born within a couple of hundred metres of the Phoenix Park, Terry Flanagan spent much of his childhood fascinated by these majestic animals that roamed the Park. Now he has fulfilled his ambition by spending a year following their progress and recording their activities from the moment of conception to the birth of a young fawn...

Sunday 17th September

Mooney Goes Wild - Doc: The Swallow, From Egg To Africa (Revisited) 17/09/17

In this radio documentary, Eric Dempsey looks at the amazing journey of the swallow. In the space of just five short months, the the bird goes from being an egg to arriving in Africa. The programme was first broadcast in 2004, so to bring us up to date on Ireland's swallow population in 2017, Eric catches up with Declan Manley, an expert bird ringer...

Sunday 10th September

Mooney Goes Wild - Doc: Carl Linnaeus 10/09/17

Derek and Richard Collins embark on a journey to learn more about Carl Linnaeus, the Father of Classification...

Sunday 3rd September

Mooney Goes Wild - Doc: The Rat 03/09/17

They say you're never more than six feet from a rat. In this new documentary, we burrow into the underground world of one of our most vilified creatures, the rat. Naturalist Eanna ni Lamhna, is our intrepid guide...

Sunday 27th August

Mooney Goes Wild - Doc: The Beeman 27/08/17

Since his record-breaking attempt for the most bees on him, Mooney Goes Wild's resident expert Philip McCabe became known as 'The Beeman'. Fast forward twelve years, and Philip is now worldwide President of Apimondia, International Federation of Beekeeper's Associations. We visit the places and people who influenced the charismatic Monaghan man!

Sunday 20th August

Mooney Goes Wild - Doc: The Common Swift 20/08/17

Our wildlife radio documentary tonight is all about the Common Swift (Apus apus). Join Derek as he learns about efforts being made across Europe, from Cork to Warsaw, and from Belfast to Baku in Azerbaijan, to learn more and this help save this favourite summer visitor!

Sunday 13th August

Mooney Goes Wild - Doc: The Dipper 13/08/17

In this documentary, Derek Mooney learns about the latest research into the habits and characteristics of this most intriguing of birds, and finds out how analysing a dipper's feathers can indicate the stress level of the bird and the environment...

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