Sunday 26th June

European Bee Week

Last week, the ‘European Week of Bees and Pollination’ took place in Brussels. Bees are in decline, which is a sad fact, but it’s also very worrying because, without them, how could the plants we rely upon for food actually become pollinated? The economic significance of this is enormous and it’s becoming a matter of urgent concern.

Sunday 19th June


Dr Richard Collins is in Hornoya, the most northerly island in Norway, in the company of Niall Hatch from Birdwatch Ireland and Helge Softeland, a broadcaster from NRK (Norwegian national radio)

Sunday 12th June

Whistle The Hen & The Brent Goose Project

Eanna ni Lamhna and Niamh ni Cholmain learn about the Brent Geese project, from pupils at St Louise de Marillac Primary School in Ballyfermot, and Niamh introduces Eanna to Whistle the hen!

The Season Of Terns?

Terry Flanagan meets Breffni Martin, of Louth Nature Trust, to discover why the number of terns returning to Baltray Beach is so reduced this year...

Green Flag Award In Carrigtwohill

Derek meets the pupils of Scoil Chlochair Mhuire in Carrigtwohill, Cork, who have just been awarded their fifth Green Flag...

Nesting Birds

We're looking for your stories, photos and videos of nesting birds and unusual nests near you!

Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 12/06/16

On MGW tonight: Nesting Birds; Green Flag Award In Carrigtwohill; The Season Of Terns?; Whistle The Hen & The Brent Goose Project...

Sunday 5th June

Mary Colwell's Walk For Curlews

Mary Colwell tells Eanna ni Lamhna why she's walking 500 miles to raise awareness of the plight of the curlew...

Wild Birds Down Under

Dr. Gráinne Cleary explains to Terry Flanagan why she wants to compare back garden birds of Australia & Ireland!

Cork Airport & Bird Strikes

Derek visits Cork Airport to chat with Ciaran Carton & colleagues about Dawn Chorus posters & avoiding bird strikes!

Hornøya's Seabird Colony

Helge Søfteland tells us about a very exciting project that's about to be broadcast by our Norwegian colleagues NRK, as they prepare to stream five weeks of footage from a seabird colony on Hornøya...

Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 05/06/16

On MGW tonight: Hornøya's Seabird Colony; Cork Airport & Bird Strikes; Wild Birds Down Under; Mary Colwell's Walk For Curlews...

Sunday 29th May

DCC Biodiversity: Ireland's Eye

As Dublin City Council's Biodiversity Month comes to end, reporter Terry Flanagan visits Ireland’s Eye, where he talks to Maria Long of the Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland (BSBI) and Dublin Bay Biosphere co-ordinator, Dr. Jenny Roche, to learn about plants and birdlife of the island...


Fachtna Ó Drisceoil and Richard Collins review 'Naturama: Open Your Eyes To The Wonders Of Irish Nature' – visit rte.ie/mooney to win a copy!

The Wicklow Woodpecker

Derek Mooney and Richard Collins visit listener Don McGrane in Wicklow, to learn about the woodpecker who visits his garden...

Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 29/05/16

On MGW tonight: The Wicklow Woodpecker; Naturama; DCC Biodiversity: Ireland's Eye...

Sunday 22nd May

DCC Biodiversity - Liffey Walk

What is biodiversity and where in the city would you go to see it? As Dublin City Council's Biodiversity Month continues, Mooney Goes Wild reporter Terry Flanagan meets up with Sean Redmond, Executive Parks Superintendent with Dublin City Council, for a walk along the River Liffey...

Researching Aging

Professor Steven Austad + Professor Emma Teeling discuss why some species live longer than others & what it could mean for humans...

Wildlife Gardening – Chris Baines

Chris Baines, founder of International Dawn Chorus Day and the first Chelsea Flower Show winner of a wildlife garden, chats about the benefits of gardening for wildlife...

Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 22/05/16

On MGW tonight: Wildlife Gardening – Chris Baines; Researching Aging; DCC Biodiversity - Liffey Walk

Sunday 15th May

Crainn na hÉireann

Eanna ni Lamhna meets Manchán Magan, presenter of the TG4 show 'Crainn na hÉireann' (Trees Of Ireland), which continues on Tuesdays at 8pm...

DCC Biodiversity - Recovery Through Nature

As Dublin City Council's Biodiversity Month continues, Terry Flanagan talks to Joe Buckley about those involved in Coolmine Therapeutic Community are benefiting from Recovery Through Nature...

In Search Of Polar Bears

Theo Jebb talks to Richard Collins about filming polar bears in Svalbard, in Norway...

Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 15/05/16

On MGW tonight: In Search Of Polar Bears; DCC Biodiversity - Recovery Through Nature; Crainn na hÉireann

Sunday 8th May

DCC Biodiversity - Blessington Street Basin

As part of MGW's connection with Dublin City Council's Biodiversity Month, report Terry Flanagan visits Blessington Street Basin park to chat to Park Ranger Ed Bowden about the biodiversity there, and to Mark Coyle about the Green Flag Award Scheme for parks...

Saving Our Bees

Our beeman Philip McCabe is the World President of Apimondia (the International Federation of Beekeepers' Associations), and he joins Richard Collins in studio to chat about European Bee Week, the medicinal value of honey, the price of honey in Saudi Arabia - and the owls of Termonfeckin!

Dawn Chorus Reaction

We had a massive reaction from all around the world to our live six-hour Dawn Chorus programme this weekend, and tonight we bring you a sample of those comments...

Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 08/05/16

On MGW tonight: Dawn Chorus Reaction; Saving Our Bees; DCC Biodiversity - Blessington Street Basin

Sunday 1st May

Dawn Chorus 2016 - Part 6

Sixth hour: 05:00 - 06:00 Irish time. For more, visit www.rte.ie/mooney.

Dawn Chorus 2016 - Part 5

Fifth hour: 04:00 - 05:00 Irish time. For more, visit www.rte.ie/mooney.

Dawn Chorus 2016 - Part 4

Fourth hour: 03:00 - 04:00 Irish time. For more, visit www.rte.ie/mooney.

Dawn Chorus 2016 - Part 3

Third hour: 02:00 - 03:00 Irish time. For more, visit www.rte.ie/mooney.

Dawn Chorus 2016 - Part 2

Second hour: 01:00 - 02:00 Irish time. For more, visit www.rte.ie/mooney.

Dawn Chorus 2016 - Part 1

First hour: 00:00 - 01:00 Irish time. For more, visit www.rte.ie/mooney.

Sunday 17th April

Treasures Of Lake Turcana

Where did we - the human species - actually come from? Lake Turkana in Kenya may hold the key - it has yielded a wealth of fossils, revealing four million years of human life. Prof Fred Spoor of UCL has worked extensively in the Lake Turkana Basin and has witnessed the wonders of this window into our past first hand; he joins us from the BBC studios in London to explain more...

DNA Of Spider Webs

Before you brush away cobwebs, do you stop to think what they might contain - apart from spiders, that is! Charles Xu is an MSc student, currently based at Uppsala University in Sweden, and he recently published a research paper which examined whether spiders' webs might contain enough DNA to identify which spider spun the web. He joins us now from Uppsala in Sweden to tell us more...

Dodder Otter Survey

Did you know that otters are thriving in the heart of Dublin?our capital city? We know this from ongoing surveys, like the the Dodder Otter Survey, organised by the Irish Wildlife Trust in Dublin. A number of volunteers, including our own marine expert, Ken Whelan, have recently been along to a training workshop for the survey. They then headed off to put their expertise into practice, accompanied by our reporter, Terry Flanagan...

Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 17/04/16

On MGW tonight: Dodder Otter Survey; DNA Of Spider Webs; Treasures Of Lake Turcana...

Sunday 27th March

Irish Lizards

The Irish Wildlife Trust has been organising training workshops throughout the country to help people recognise and identify lizards and slow worms. One of these events took place recently in Abbeyleix and the Irish Peatland Conservation Council sent their Education Officer Nuala Madigan along. Our reporter, Terry Flanagan, spent the day with Nuala and with the course co-ordinator, Kieran Flood from the Irish Wildlife Trust...

Moray Eel Discovered In Kerry

Kerryman Len Evans recently came across a moray eel, whilst walking along the beach in Cahersiveen. He brought it along to Dr. Kevin Flannery who’s a Marine Biologist as well as founder and Director of Dingle Oceanworld Aquarium. Kevin explains why this eel is such a rare find...

Lobster For All?

The lobster industry is experiencing an absolute bonanza, both in terms of supply and demand. For more, Derek talks to food historian, Regina Sexton, Eanna ni Lamhna, marine biologist Ken Whelan, and Kevin Flannery, Director of Dingle's Oceanworld Aquarium...

Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 27/03/16

On MGW tonight: Lobster For All?; Moray Eel Discovered In Kerry; Irish Lizards...

Sunday 20th March

Organic Farming

Farmer Tommy Earley, from Mountallen Farm in Co. Roscommon, is farming with an eye carefully upon the environment, and he’s currently undertaking a number of activities to ensure that both farm and wildlife can live in harmony. Recently our reporter, Terry Flanagan, headed off west to see for himself some of the fascinating work being undertaken...

Bad Trees

According to new research, urban trees could be bad for air quality and pose a threat to human health. To find out more, Professor John O'Halloran met John Wenger, an Atmospheric Chemist at UCC, who specialises in the area of air quality research...

SeaWorld To End Orca Breeding

After years of criticism, SeaWorld in San Diego announced this week that they are to stop breeding orca whales. Dr. Simon Berrow, of the Irish Whale & Dolphin Group, joins us on the line to talk what SeaWorld are now promising, and the impact of captivity for marine mammals...

Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 20/03/16

On MGW tonight: SeaWorld To End Orca Breeding; Bad Trees; Organic Farming...

Sunday 13th March

What's On...

Sinéad Renshaw pops into studio with details of nature events, shows & movies with a wildlife slant on at the moment!

Cheats And Deceits: How Animals And Plants Exploit And Mislead

Martin Stevens, Associate Professor of Sensory Ecology at the University of Exeter, and author of 'Cheats And Deceits: How Animals And Plants Exploit And Mislead', joins us from Cornwall to explain how and why some of our flora and fauna are so skilled in deception...

Jackdaw With Deformed Beak

Terry Flanagan meets listener Sean Smith, to find out more about a local jackdaw with a rather deformed beak..

Summer Hedgecutting Remains Illegal

The burning and cutting of hedges remains prohibited from 1st March to 31st August. But why is it so important that these restrictions remain? For more on this, and other seasonal bird news, we're joined in studio by Niall Hatch, Development Officer with BirdWatch Ireland...

Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 13/03/16

On MGW tonight: Summer Hedgecutting Remains Illegal; Jackdaw With Deformed Beak; Cheats And Deceits: How Animals And Plants Exploit And Mislead; What's On...

Sunday 6th March

Meet Macroom's Mozzarella-Producing Water Buffalo!

Reporter Terry Flanagan visits Macroom farmer Johnny Lynch to learn about his water buffalo!

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