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    Monday 21st July

    Science Gallery

    We are obsessed with the weather. It is a powerful, shared daily experience, offering us an immediate talking point. Yet when we talk about climate change the sense of guilt or powerlessness is enough to kill the conversation. We sent our reporter Terry Flanagan into The Science Gallery to look at the new exhibition

    Blathnaid Fishing For Lobsters

    Our very own Blathnaid ni Chofaigh goes fishing for lobsters in Galway, and discusses the issues around Lobster fishing.

    Charles Fort Wedding

    We are in the full throes of wedding fever, Churches, registry offices, indoor venues and now outdoor venues are packed up and down the country with brides and grooms. We heard recently that a wedding with a difference was coming up. Katriona Mc Fadden went out to investigate Chales Fort Weddings for The Mooney Show.

    Friday 18th July

    Deer Dead in The Phoenix Park

    Terry Flanagan investigates the death of a fawn deer in the Phoenix Park.

    Rare Moss Appearance

    Our Mooney Goes Wild panel look at a rare moss previously thought to have been extinct in Ireland which has been found on a Clara bog in County Offaly

    Sociable Weavers

    The sociable weaver is back in the news because of the work of Dr Rene Van Dyke from Sheffield University who has been studying them in South Africa. Here to tell us about what he’s found and sociable weavers in general is Eric Dempsey.

    Mooney Goes Wild

    Derek is joined by Éanna Ni Lamhna, Richard Collins & Eric Dempsey for Mooney Goes Wild.

    Thursday 17th July

    George Hamilton's Memories Of Brazil '14

    RTÉ Soccer Commentator George Hamilton gives us his views on the 2014 FIFA World Cup that finished last Sunday in Brazil...

    Kilmacurragh Botanic Gardens

    Dermot O’Neill, Mooney gardener, visits the National Botanic Gardens “outpost” in Kilmacurragh, Co. Wicklow, where he talks to Head Gardener Seamus O’Brien about the wildflower meadow project that is happening there...

    99s: How Do You Eat Yours?

    Brenda Donohue, Mooney reporter, voxpops people on the art – if any – of eating a 99 ice cream...

    Save Our Swans!

    Dr. Richard Collins, Mooney Goes Wild panellist, meets Mooney listener Joe Sullivan, who has appealed to other listeners to be vigilant about the swans on the Royal Canal after a spate of suspicious activity; the pair are also joined by local NPWS Ranger Neil Harmey...

    Oliver Callan

    With a new Cabinet comes a fresh set of voices for satirist Oliver Callan to lampoon; he pops into studio today to chat about what we can expect in the new series of Callan's Kicks!

    Follow-Up: Older Ladies & Shining Shoes

    Bláthnaid Ní Chofaigh will be filling in for Brenda Donohue as Mooney reporter over the next three weeks, and she pops in today to chat with Derek about the older ladies item we featured yesterday!

    Wednesday 16th July

    NestWatch 2014: Herring Gulls

    Our NestWatch Herring Gull webcam is back online. Both chicks and parents are doing well, as Niall Hatch, Development Officer with BirdWatch Ireland, explains to Derek...

    Water Harvesting

    With water charges looming ever-closer, many of us are investigating ways of saving water with a new vigour. The Belmont East Environmental Group in Donnybrook have created a rainwater harvesting system; Katriona McFadden went to visit to find out more...

    The Older Woman

    'Older ladies are... DIVINE!', by Donnalou Stevens, celebrates the beauty of the older woman, and it's racheted up a massive 5 million hits on YouTube. To discuss the video, and it's message, we're joined in studio by June Rodgers, and on the phone by Senator Marie-Louise O'Donnell, and Mary O'Rourke...

    Shoe Shine

    When's the last time you polished your shoes or boots? Is it a dying trend? Brenda Donohue investigates!

    There Was A Political Editor Who Swallowed A Fly...

    Accidentally swallowing a fly is never a pleasant thing to experience - but what if you should happen to ingest a winged insect whilst live on air, outside 10, Downing Street? Sky News' Political Editor Adam Boulton did just that yesterday, as he explains to Derek...

    Tuesday 15th July

    New York Awards For RTÉ Documentary On One

    We chat to RTÉ Radio 1 producer Ronan Kelly about the award-winning Documentary On One strand, and its' success in the recent New York Festivals awards...

    Living In The Sewers Of Bucharest

    We chat to Channel 4 News journalist Paraic O'Brien, from Ballinasloe, about the shocking existence of the homeless Romanians that live in Bucharest's sewer system...

    Sandwich Etiquette

    Brenda Donohue visits Savoury Fair in Athlone, to chat to owner Des Hennelly and his customers about what constitutes sandwich shop etiquette!

    Monday 14th July

    Mooney's Monday Quiz

    Three listeners attempt to beat the clock, and each other, to win a three-night self-catering break for two adults & three children to a SC apartment in the Gleneagle Hotel in Killarney!

    FIFA World Cup Final

    Last night Germany took on Brazil in the final of the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Our reporter Brenda Donohue went along to DTwo in Dublin to watch the match with Jasmine from Hamburg and Diego from Buenos Aires...

    Billy's Big Cycle!

    We chat to Dublin man Billy Lavelle, who is in Argentina having completed a two year cycling journey from Alaska to Ushuaia, in Tierra del Fuego in Argentina, to raise funds for Trócaire. For more info, and to find out how to donate, visit

    Friday 11th July

    Sponsoring Leona, The Loggerhead Turtle

    Ciaran Kelly, CEO of Celestial Green Ventures, joins us to chat about his company's Trocano Araretama Conservation Project in the Brazilian Amazon, set up to avoid forest deforestation, and about plans to sponsor the release of Leona, the Loggerhead Turtle!

    New Sea Eagle Interpretive Centre: Report by Terry Flanagan

    Last Friday was a special day in Mountshannon, Co. Clare, where a new viewing and Interpretive Centre, where members of the public can watch White Tailed Sea Eagles, was opened. Terry Flanagan met up with Allan Mee, who first brought the birds to Ireland, to find out more...

    Rare Cuckoo Bumblebee Sighted

    It's a good time for bees, with species not seen in Ireland in recent years making a comeback. Our beeman, Philip McCabe, is President of the European Commission of Apimondia, joins us to chat about some of those species, as does ecologist Dr. Tomás Murray, project co-ordinator of the Bumblebee Monitoring Scheme...

    Don Conroy Goes To The Rockies!

    Artist Don Conroy has just returned from a sketching trip to the Rockies in Canada, where he visited British Colombia and Alberta, including Jasper National Park, Banff National Park, and Vancouver Island. He joins us in studio today to chat about some of the wildlife that he observed there, and about his new book, Wexford's Wild Heritage...

    Thursday 10th July

    Dating Do's & Dont's

    In April, beauty salon owner Lisa Wallace enthralled us with her tales of internet dating - and she had quite a reaction to that interview! She's back in today with an update, and we're also joined by songwriter Karl Broderick for the do's and don'ts of dating!

    Donegal's Beached Whales

    Earlier this week, twelve pilot whales beached on Ballyness Bay in Falcarragh, Donegal. A decision was made to let nature take it's course, but Gareth Doherty, owner of local sailing company Selkie Sailing, was unhappy with that and tried to refloat two of the whales. We talk to Gareth, and to Dave Duggan, Regional Manager with the NPWS in the North-West

    Wednesday 9th July

    Teen Beauty Bootcamp

    School's out for the summer, and pupils all across the country are attending summer camps, to pass time and learn a skill or two. Brenda Donohue meets up with a group of teens at a teen beauty camp in Dublin, to find out what - and why - they're hoping to learn...

    Mooney's Wednesday Quiz

    Three listeners attempt to beat the clock, and each other, to win a weekend break to the Bridge House Hotel, Spa & Leisure Centre in Tullamore, Co. Offaly!

    Collecting Football Jerseys

    Did you know that Geoff Hurst's 1966 World Cup jersey once went to auction for £2.3 million?! An astonishing asking price - but what value is there in used soccer shirts? To find out, we're joined in studio by Irish kit collectors Graham Keogh and Dwayne Crean...

    Bad Day For Brazil

    Last night, the Brazilian football team suffered their worst ever defeat - an agonising 7-1 loss to Germany in the World Cup Semi-Final. We hear from São Paulo listener Neuber Rocha de Souza, to find out how the Brazilian fans reacted to events in the Mineirão...

    Tuesday 8th July


    We had a great reaction to Aslan last week. We played their brilliant current single, I Need A Little Time. But before they came on air, the lads recorded an acoustic piece, just for us. It's called This Time, and we hear that song this afternoon...

    No Garth Brooks Concerts

    Just before 4pm came the news that NO Garth Brooks will be taking place this month at Croke Park in Dublin. We talk to listener Roisin, who we first met in Dungannon when she queued for five days to be sure of securing a ticket...

    Ring Of Achill

    Katriona McFadden travels to Achill to meet listener Paddy Gallagher, and his parents Kathleen and Geoffrey, to hear the amazing story of the engagement ring which was lost, only to be found 18 years later, after the intervention of a cow!

    Beached Pilot Whales In Donegal

    Very disturbing news emerged from Donegal recently, when 13 pilot whales became stranded on a beach.The message from the experts is 'let nature take its course'. For more, we're joined from Ballyness Bay, Falcarragh in Co. Donegal, by Pat Baughan, wildlife ranger with the National Parks and Wildlife Service in the north-west...

    Vai Brasil!!

    On yesterday's show, RTÉ soccer pundit Eamon Dunphy promised that if Brazil won the World Cup this year, he would come back on Mooney next week - wearing a dress! So needless today, we are all Team Brasil today! Last night, Brenda Donohue headed along to the Language Exchange in DTwo on Harcourt Street in Dublin to find out how the Brazilian community in Ireland think the Seleção will fare in the first Semi-Final, against Germany, in Belo Horizonte tonight...

    Monday 7th July

    Selfie Competition Winner

    Last month, we teamed up with the Sunday World, Sunway Holidays and Sutter Home to bring you the Mooney Selfie Competition. Brenda Donohue and Jenny Lambert from the Sunday World meet winner Robert Carley and his daughter Debs...

    Public Apologies

    Eamon Dunphy is not the first public figure to make a public apology for doing or saying something they shouldn't have. And for them, sorry really does seem to be the hardest word. Mooney producer Olan McGowan is in studio to talk us through the art of the public apology...

    Eamon Dunphy

    It's been an amazing World Cup in Brazil, with some truly memorable matches, but sadly it's drawing to a close. So who will pick up the Jules Rimet next Sunday - Brazil, Argentina, Holland or Germany? For his views, we're joined in studio by RTÉ soccer pundit Eamon Dunphy...

    Friday 4th July

    Ebola In Africa Wiping Out Chimps, & Animal Testing

    In Africa, the Ebola virus is having a devastating impact on the chimp and gorilla populations. It has already wiped out one third of the gorillas in the world as well as thousands of chimpanzees. To debate what can be done about this, Derek, Richard and Eanna are joined by Dr. Peter Walsh, specialist in Primate Quantitative Ecology, at the University of Cambridge, and founder of Apes Inc, and also by Dame Jane Goodall, the acclaimed primatologist and founder of the Jane Goodall Institute...

    Thursday 3rd July

    Centenary Of World War 1

    Dr. Richard Collins, Mooney Goes Wild panellist, has recently returned from visiting the sites connected with WW1 in Northern France; he joins us in studio with his memories of the trip, and Derek tells us about RTÉ's WW1 Road Show, set to take place at Trinity on July 12th. For more, visit

    Finders Keepers

    Five years ago, Lois from Wisconsin lost her wedding ring. This week, her dog Tucker ate and ice lolly, and the stick, promptly vomited and brought up Lois' ring! We hear about this and other remarkable lost and found items...

    Aslan's Crazy World

    Aslan have had a quite remarkable career of highs, lows, and new highs. Fresh from fighting cancer, Christy and the boys are set to perform arguably their biggest concert of recent years set to take place at the INEC in Killarney later this month, and their new single 'I Need A Little Time' set to become the sound of the summer. We are thrilled that Christy Dignam and Billy McGuinness join us in studio this afternoon...

    Wednesday 2nd July

    Gaeltacht Days

    Brenda Donohue visits Colaiste Lurgan in Inverin in Connemara, to learn more about the modern Gaeltacht experience...

    The DSPCA

    Terry Flanagan, Mooney Goes Wild reporter & science teacher, visits the DSPCA headquarters in Rathfarnham to talk to Chief Inspector Liam Kavanagh about the work of the Dublin Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals...

    Lunch-Stealing Gulls, & St. Ives, Cornwall

    Katriona McFadden & Niall Hatch find out why gulls are swooping on burgers on Grafton Street, and Katriona tells us about her recent trip to Cornwall, as we debate just how many people were going to St. Ives...

    Tuesday 1st July

    Pets In Pain

    Vet Andrew Byrne, from BrayVet, joins Derek in studio today to chat about managing pain in 'companion animals', and newly published global guidelines from the World Small Animal Veterinary Association that help vets improve their assessment and treatment of pain in cats and dogs...

    Algeria's World Cup

    Yesterday, Mooney reporter Katriona McFadden went to talk to Dublin-based Algerians Faycil and Hami, in the Camden Halal shop in Dublin. They were incredibly excited about the World Cup match against Germany. Unfortunately for Algeria, and despite a phenomenal performance, they lost the match 2-1. Derek went into the shop this morning to catch up with Hami...

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