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    Sunday 26th July

    MGW Habitats - Programme 1/5

    In this new five-part series, biologist Terry Flanagan, ornithologist Eric Dempsey and botanist Matthew Jebb take listeners on a wondrous journey into the habitats of some our native and exotic plant and animal species. Tonight: the hedgerow, skylark and banana tree! For more, visit

    Sunday 26th July

    How Mosquitoes Choose Their Victims

    Jeff Riffell is a biologist at the University of Washington, and a scientist involved in newly published research investigating why mosquitoes bite who they do, and what we can do to prevent bites. He joins us on the programme today with some very interesting and quite unexpected strategies...

    Answering Machine Mission: Lammas

    On the programme, we're here to help YOU! Do you have a problem, a wildlife problem? If so, why not get in touch, and we will send our reporter, Terry Flanagan, out to investigate! That's exactly what Peter Foody, from Co. Kildare, did, when he noticed some strange, alien-like growth on his oak trees. Terry went to find out more...

    Apiarian Roundup With Philip McCabe

    Our very own Philip McCabe has just been appointed World President of Apimondia, the global beekeeping federation! He joins us in studio to chat about his new role, and we hear about a special project taking place in Trinity, to remove of the varroa mite from honey bees, in a new project called Blazer...

    Gulls Grab The Headlines!

    Derek discusses the antics of those headline-grabbing gulls with panellists Richard Collins, Eanna ni Lamhna and Philip McCabe...

    Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 26/07/15

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    Podcast - Interview With Dr. Graham Fry

    Sinéad Renshaw talks to Dr. Graham Fry of the Tropical Medical Bureau about preventing mosquito bites...

    Sunday 19th July

    Ruthless Ravens

    Dr. Jorg Massen from the University of Vienna explains how smart but ruthless ravens sabotage bonding between other birds who may become future competitors...

    Orchids On The Bull Island

    Reporter Terry Flanagan goes in search of the Bull Island bee orchid...

    Catalan Donkeys

    Derek and panel chat about the iconic Catalan donkey PLUS we want your suggestions for a MGW wildlife car sticker! See for more!

    Spanish Wolves

    Professor John O'Halloran from UCC talks to Darío Fernández-Bellon about the wolves of north-west Spain...

    Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 19/07/15

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    Sunday 12th July

    Norway Convicts Wolf Killers

    Norwegian journalist Trond Berg on why wolves are shot in Norway...

    Reintroducing Wolves To Scotland

    Richard Morley from The Wolves And Humans Foundation chats about whether wolves might be reintroduced into Scotland...

    Wolf - Spirit Of The Wild

    Eric Dempsey tells us about making his documentary Wolf: Spirit Of The Wild. To download a copy of this doc, visit

    Reintroducing Wolves To Ireland: Could We? Should We?

    Should we reintroduce wolves to Ireland? Could we? Dan Lettice discusses with Derek, Richard Collins & Eric Dempsey..

    Ireland's Lupine History

    Reporter Terry Flanagan visits the Natural History Museum to chat to Keeper Nigel Monaghan about Ireland's wolves...

    Wolf Voxpop

    How much do the public know about our lupine past? Sinéad Renshaw goes to find out!

    The Wolves Of South County Dublin

    BirdWatch Ireland's Niall Hatch tells Derek about his experience with a wolf in South County Dublin...

    Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 12/07/15

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    Sunday 5th July

    Chimps & Bad Backs

    Recent research involves going back in time to study back problems in our ancestors: our primate cousins! Prof Keith Dobney is Head of Archaeology and Chair of Human Palaeo-Ecology at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland, and he's been one of the leaders of this fascinating new direction in research; he joins us from Aberdeen to explain more...

    Tagging Deer In The Phoenix Park

    Last Sunday was a big day in the Phoenix Park as members of the Irish Deer Society turned out in force to lend assistance to members of UCD's Zoology Dept, in the capturing the deer to tag them. Our reporter Terry Flanagan was also there, to monitor proceedings...

    Swift City, Belfast

    Niall Hatch has just returned from Belfast, meets with Peter Cush, Senior Scientific Officer with Northern Ireland Environment Agency, to learn about swift cities, and how birds nest soup is made from swifts spit...

    Birds Of Malta

    Niall Hatch from BirdWatch Ireland chats about his recent visit to Malta, where he learnt about efforts to save the migratory birds that fly over the island...

    Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 05/07/15

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    Sunday 28th June

    Soil Ecologist Diana Wall Awarded UCD Ulysses Medal

    Eanna ni Lamhna meets renowned soil ecologist Dr. Diana Wall, Director of the School of Global Environmental Sustainability at Colorado State Unviversity, who was recently awarded the UCD Ulysses Medal, in Dublin...

    Duhallow LIFE Project

    Terry Flanagan chats to Dr. Fran Igoe from the IRD Duhallow LIFE Project about the conservation work they are involved in along the River Allow in Co. Cork...

    Preventing Birdstrikes

    Derek reports from Dublin Airport to find out how they deter birds, and Prof. Tom Kelly from UCC, who is ornithological consultant for Dublin Airport, tells us about his work researching birdstrikes...

    Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 28/06/15

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    Sunday 21st June

    Seals Mating With Penguins

    Scientists at The Mammal Research Institute at the University of Pretoria in South Africa have come across incidents, on a remote sub Antarctic island, where fur seals are actually trying to mate with penguins. Dr. Nico de Bruyn is Principal Investigator and joins us from South Africa with more...

    The Turtle Of Clonsilla

    Walkers along the Royal Canal at Clonsilla, Dublin, have been surprised to regularly see a turtle in the water. Terry Flanagan and reptile expert Rob Gandola, from the Herpetological Society of Ireland, investigate...

    Eanna In The Natural History Museum

    Eanna ni Lamhna takes a tour of the Natural History Museum in the company of Nigel Monaghan, Keeper of Natural History in the National Museum of Ireland...

    Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 21/06/15

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    Sunday 14th June

    Effect Of Warming Oceans On Marine Species

    Prof Curtis Deutsch from the University of Washington in Seattle chats about his new research on the effect on marine life of our warming oceans...

    Searching For The Soft Mouth Trout

    Dr Ken Whelan chats about his recent visit to Slovenia, Croatia & Bosnia, where he went searching for the soft mouth trout...

    White Tailed Eagle Reintroduction Project

    Allan Mee chats about the White-Tailed Eagle project, , and Derek reports back from his trip to Glengarriff Nature Park in Co. Cork, where he spoke to NPWS ranger Clare Heardman about the new arrivals there...

    Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 14/06/15

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    Sunday 7th June

    Virgin Births Among Sawfish

    A routine DNA study has suggested that female sawfish in Florida are reproducing without mating with males, using an alternative form of reproduction known as ‘parthenogenesis’. So-called ‘virgin births’ were thought to be incredibly rare and have never been seen in vertebrates in the wild. Leading this DNA study, at Stony Brook University in New York, was marine biologist and Phd student, Andrew Fields, who joins us to explain more...

    Impact Of Rats On Lambay's Puffin Population

    Dr. Steve Newton, Senior Seabird Conservation Officer with BirdWatch Ireland, is currently on Lambay island, conducting a survey into the puffin population there; he joins us from Lambay to chat about the puffins there, and the effect that the black rats are having on the puffins...


    How many species have the time of the year present in their name? The obvious answer is the Mayfly. But with the poor weather we have had over the last month or so, the appearance of the Mayfly has actually been delayed into the month of June. Terry Flanagan headed off with Ken Whelan to Cavan to see if the mayflies had yet appeared, and to find out do they actually just live for a single day...

    Ireland's Flora & Fauna Since The Last Ice Age

    Did you know that Ireland once had a totally separate ecosystem, with its very own nature and wildlife? It's just one of a number of intriguing revelations in the latest edition of the Irish Naturalists’ Journal - Mind The Gap II. For more, we're joined by UCC's Dr Paddy Sleeman, who edited Mind The Gap II...

    Richard And Eanna Go To Poland

    We start the programme tonight by talking to our two regular panellists, Dr. Richard Collins and Eanna ni Lamhna, about their recent visit to Poland, where they visited Bialowieza Forest and Biebrza National Park...

    Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 07/06/15

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    Sunday 31st May

    Biodiversity Week: Report 4 - Dusk Chorus On Pollardstown Fen

    In the fourth and final of our reports celebrating Biodiversity Week, Richard Collins heads off to Pollardstown Fen in Co. Kildare to experience the Dusk Chorus...

    Biodiversity Week: Report 3 - Observing Badgers

    In the third of our reports celebrating Biodiversity Week, Eric Dempsey goes searching for badgers...

    Biodiversity Week: Report 2 - Lambay Island

    In the second of our reports celebrating Biodiversity Week, Eanna ni Lamhna sets sail to learn more about the birdlife and marine life that can be found around Lambay Island, off the coast of Dublin...

    Biodiversity Week: Report 1 - Bat Walk

    In the first of our reports celebrating Biodiversity Week, Philip McCabe goes on a batwalk in Lanesborough, Co. Longford...

    Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 31/05/15

    Visit for full details on all the items discussed on tonight's show!

    Sunday 24th May

    Young Environmentalist Awards

    Reporter Terry Flanagan finds out more about the Young Environmentalist Awards from IEN's Ian Carey, and meets some of the winners - for more on Biodiversity Week, visit

    In Search Of The Soft-Mouth Trout

    Marine biologist joins us to chat about his fascination for the soft-mouth trout, and why he's about to head to Croatia in search of it...

    Sinéad's Nature News

    Sinéad Renshaw has a round-up of all this week's nature news, including why cuckoos are good for carrion crows, and the Leitrim river soothing insomniacs all over the world!

    World's First 'Werewolf' Plant

    Matthew Jebb, Director of the National Botanic Gardens, joins us in studio to tell us about the 'werewolf' plant, Ephedra foeminea, which - it has just been discovered - only blooms under the light of the full moon in July!

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