Sunday 15th January

Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 15/01/17 - DOC: The Common Swift

Following on from last night's broadcast of The Beeman, our second NEW wildlife radio documentary this weekend is all about The Common Swift (Apus apus). Join Derek as he learns about efforts being made across Europe, from Cork to Warsaw, and from Belfast to Baku in Azerbaijan, to learn more and thus help save this favourite summer visitor!

Sunday 8th January

Pig Personalities

Professor Lisa Collins tells us about the different personalities pigs can possess!

Raoul Empey

RTÉ's Paul Cunningham chats to Wicklow man Raoul Empey about being one of Al Gore's 'Climate Reality Leaders'...

Budgies Can Avoid Collisions

Professor Mandyam V. Srinivasan explains why budgies are able to completely avoid collisions with each other when flying...

Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 08/01/17

On MGW tonight: Budgies Can Avoid Collisions; Raoul Empey; Pig Personalities...

Sunday 1st January

Young Environmentalist, Alicia Premakur

Reporter Terry Flanagan meets young Irish environmentalist Alicia Premakur...

Sir David Hempleman-Adams

We chat to the newly-knighted Sir David Templeman-Adams, one of the world's greatest explorers...

Killer Whale Research Ireland

Róisín Pinfield tells us about new research at University College Cork into one of our most intelligent and emotionally complex creatures, the killer whale...

Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 01/01/17

On MGW tonight: Killer Whale Research Ireland; Sir David Hempleman-Adams; Young Environmentalist, Alicia Premakur...

Sunday 18th December

DOCUMENTARY: The Robin - The Christmas Bird

Another chance to listen back to the classic 1999 Mooney Goes Wild documentary about our favourite festive feathered friend...

Feeding Garden Birds In Winter

Mooney Goes Wild reporter Terry Flanagan visits Derek at home in Dublin, with tips and advice on feeding garden birds in winter...

Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 18/12/16

On MGW tonight: Feeding Garden Birds In Winter; DOCUMENTARY: The Robin - The Christmas Bird...

Sunday 11th December

One Million Trees

Imogen Rabone tells us about her mission to plant a million trees in one day across the island of Ireland...

Wildlife Hospital

Terry Flanagan reports on plans to create Ireland’s first wildlife hospital for sick and injured animals...

Birds And Business

Ornithologist Eric Dempsey explains how birds can help fledgling businesses to take flight...

Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 11/12/16

On MGW tonight: Birds And Business; Wildlife Hospital; One Million Trees

Sunday 4th December

Save Our Soils

We depend on soil for our very survival and what many of us don’t realise is that it’s a finite resource. December 5th is ‘World Soil Day’ and help is being sought, through a petition, to protect it. Klaus Laitenberger, who’s an organic farm inspector, has been speaking with Eanna about the People4Soil project...

Wildlife Christmas Gifts Recommendations

Only three weeks to go! As Christmas draws closer, Richard Collins, Eanna ni Lamhna, Niall Hatch and Sinéad Renshaw bring you our recommendations for the perfect gift for the wildlife lover in your life!

Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 04/12/16

On MGW tonight: Wildlife Christmas Gifts Recommendations; Save Our Soils

Sunday 27th November

Dodo Skeleton Auction

The dodo may be dead, but it still commands top dollar, as it goes under the hammer at auction! Errol Fuller, Natural History Curator at Summers Place Auctions joins us to tell us more...

Creative Cockatoos

Creative cockatoos prove they’re masters at cracking locks and building tools. We talk to Professor Alex Kacelnik from the University of Oxford about his new research...

The Wildlife Of New Zealand

Eanna ni Lamhna tells about the captivating Kiwi wildlife she saw on a recent holiday to New Zealand.

Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 27/11/16

On MGW tonight: The Wildlife Of New Zealand; Creative Cockatoos; Dodo Skeleton Auction

Sunday 20th November

Northern Ireland's Tree Of The Year

Derek goes to see a 500 year old oak in Belvoir Park Forest in Belfast, which is one of the nominees for Northern Ireland Tree Of The Year, and to meet with Dr. Andy Bridge, Park Manager of Lagan Valley Regional Park...

Devil's Bit Scabious

Terry Flanagan finds out why Devil's Bit Scabious is so significant for the Marsh Fritillary butterfly, and the work that the IPCC is doing to reports on protecting the plant...

When Jeremy The Lonely Snail Met Lefty...

A month ago, we told you about Jeremy, the lonely snail unable to mate due to his left-coiling shell. The call went out to find a partner. Tonight Derek meets Jade Sanchez Melton, whose snail 'Lefty' might just be 'the one' for Jeremy...

Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 20/11/16

On MGW tonight: When Jeremy The Lonely Snail Met Lefty...; Devil's Bit Scabious; Northern Ireland's Tree Of The Year

Sunday 13th November

Cork Birdathon Next Saturday

as 'citizen science' is becoming an increasingly important way of tracking bird populations, we learn all about the very first Cork Birdathon, which will take place next Saturday...

Fate Of The Curlew

In Ireland, the iconic curlew is on the brink of extinction. Last weekend, a major conference and workshop took place in Co. Westmeath, dedicated to the protection and survival of the curlew; we sent reporter Terry Flanagan along to find out what we can do to help ensure its survival.

Exotic Birds Of The World

We're all about the birds tonight! As we receive recordings of birds from South America, we talk to Eric Dempsey and Richard Collins about some of the weirdest sounds our exotic feathered friends can make!

Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 13/11/16

On MGW tonight: Exotic Birds Of The World; Fate Of The Curlew; Cork Birdathon Next Saturday...

Sunday 6th November

Dublin Heron Abducts Bird

We send Terry Flanagan out to report on some bewildering bird behaviour along the banks of the River Dodder in Dublin, as listener Philip Duffy tells us about his shock sighting when he witnessed a heron taking a bird!

Emigrating Eels

Once in plentiful supply here, the population of eels is now in catastrophic decline. Could new research help save them from extinction? Dr Paddy Gargan and Dr. Ken Whelan join Derek and Richard in studio to explain...

Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 06/11/16

On MGW tonight: Emigrating Eels; Dublin Heron Abducts Bird...

Sunday 30th October

The Human Swan

We catch up with the 'Human Swan', Sacha Dench, as she continues flying with Bewick's swans as they migrate from Russia to the UK...

Dublin's Dangerous & Deadly Plants

Did you know that some bats have cleft palates? And that by studying the lesser horseshoe bat, we could understand more about cleft palates in humans? Plastic surgeon Dr David Orr, and chiropterologist (bat expert) Prof Emma Teeling, tell us about their new joint research...

Bats & Cleft Palates

Did you know that some bats have cleft palates? And that by studying the lesser horseshoe bat, we could understand more about cleft palates in humans? Plastic surgeon Dr David Orr, and chiropterologist (bat expert) Prof Emma Teeling, tell us about their new joint research...

Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 30/10/16

On MGW tonight: Bats & Cleft Palates; Dublin's Dangerous & Deadly Plants; The Human Swan...

Sunday 23rd October

Humpback Whales Of Cape Verde

Dr. Simon Berrow tells us why the documentary 'The Humpback Whales of Cape Verde' provides such a fascinating insight into the migration patterns of one of the world’s most endangered species...

Learning Through Nature

Niall Hatch explains how running wild with nature can help children learn more effectively, outside of the confines of the classroom!

Mayo Dark Sky Festival

As the Mayo Dark Sky Festival draws closer, Sue Callaghan explains what we can do in our cities to limit light pollution and enjoy the experience too...

Looking For Love For A Leftie Snail

Professor Angus Davison tells us about the left-leaning snail that's looking for love - and how YOU can help!

Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 23/10/16

On MGW tonight: Looking For Love For A Leftie Snail; Mayo Dark Sky Festival; Learning Through Nature; Humpback Whales Of Cape Verde...

Sunday 16th October

Mooney Goes Wild: Doug Allan Special

An unmissable chance to listen to Emmy-award winning wildlife cameraman Doug Allan, as he describes shooting some of most memorable wildlife sequences ever seen, and what it really feels like to swim close to whales in the depths of the oceans...

Sunday 9th October

Norway's Underwater Floating Tunnel

NRK's Nature Correspondent Helge Søfteland joins us from Norway to tell us all about a proposed new floating tunnel, and about his country's plans to gift Finland a mountain next year!

Swimming With Whale Sharks

On MGW, Alice O'Sullivan, and marine biologists Hilary Healy and Lucy Hunt compare their varying experiences of swimming with whale sharks, as we debate the pros and cons of wildlife tourism...

Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 09/10/16

On MGW tonight: Swimming With Whale Sharks; Norway's Underwater Floating Tunnel...

Sunday 2nd October

Mooney Goes Wild: Linnaeus

The great Swedish botanist, Carl Linnaeus, was the first person to grow bananas in Europe. Most of the plants and animals of Europe, and many from elsewhere, were described by him and the name, Linnaeus, has become iconic. The naming system, which he perfected, has proved to be an extraordinarily useful scientific tool. A few years ago, Derek and Dr. Richard Collins visited Sweden, Holland and London to make a radio documentary on the great man, and tonight, we have another chance to listen back to the duo as they embark on their Linnaean pilgrimage...

Sunday 25th September

Europe's Earthworms

Olaf Schmidt takes Eanna ni Lamhna for a walk around UCD to take a look at some 'ecosystem engineers' – otherwise known as Earthworms – and check up on the health of their numbers here...

Tracking Kittiwakes

Dr. Mark Jessop tells Professor John O’Hallora about the cameras that are charting the life and times of the Kittiwake, from the Skellig Islands off the coast of County Kerry to the Svalbard archipelago in the Arctic Ocean...

Do Animals Exercise For Fitness?

The state of the nation's health has been very much in the news this week, with recommendations including an increase in levels of physical activity. But what about our beastly brethren? Do animals exercise for fitness? Richard Collins talks to eco-physiologist Dr. Lewis Halsey to find out what his studies have revealed...

Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 26/09/16

On MGW tonight: Do Animals Exercise For Fitness?; Tracking Kittiwakes; Europe's Earthworms

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