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    Sunday 3rd May

    The Dawn Chorus Of Cuskinny Marsh

    We bring you a sample of the beautiful birdsong from the Dawn Chorus at Cuskinny Marsh Nature Reserve in Cobh, as heard in the early hours of this morning...

    Marsh Fritillary Butterflies

    Reporter Terry Flanagan pays a visit to the IPCC at Lullymore Bog, to catch up with Conservation Officer, Tadhg Ó Corcora, and find out more about Ireland's rarest butterfly, the Marsh Fritillary...

    Birdsong As Therapy

    Sound recordist Chris Watson describes how the birdsong of the Dawn Chorus can be beneficial as a form of therapy...

    Spring Alive

    Niall Hatch from BirdWatch Ireland chats about the flora & bird life of the Phoenix Park, the grounds of Áras an Uachtaráin, and the Spring Alive project...

    Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 03/05/15

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    Sunday 26th April

    Why Do Whales Go Through The Menopause?

    Did you know that only female humans, short-finned pilot whales, and resident killer whales are known to go through the menopause? But what’s the evolutionary reason why female whales continue to live long after their fertility has ended? Dr. Lauren Brent and her colleagues at the University of Exeter investigated, and Lauren joins us to explain...

    The Newts Of Gowran

    Liam Lysaght from Gowran in Co. Kilkenny got in touch with us to say that newts are positively thriving in his ponds, and he invited us to visit, so we sent reporter Terry Flanagan off to take a look...

    Preview Of Dawn Chorus 2015

    We identify listener James' mystery bird, Jim Wilson previews the 2015 Dawn Chorus, Anne Marie McAleese and Dot Blakely tell us about BBC Radio Ulster's involvement, and Sinéad Renshaw chats about a very special QR code on the front of this week's RTÉ Guide!

    Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 26/04/15

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    Tuesday 21st April

    05 The Birds Of The Dawn Chorus

    Derek Mooney, Dr. Richard Collins, Eric Dempsey & Jim Wilson on the subtleties of bird song (featuring: Great tit, Yellowhammer, Song thrush, Blackbird, Woodpigeon, Robin, Wren, Dunnock, Pheasant, Chiffchaff, Willow warbler, Sedge warbler, Cuckoo, Chaffinch, Greenfinch)

    04 How Birds Sing

    Derek Mooney, Dr. Richard Collins, Eric Dempsey & Jim Wilson

    03 Where Birds Sing

    Terry Flanagan & Eanna ni Lamhna on location in the Phoenix Park, Dublin

    02 What Is The Dawn Chorus?

    Derek Mooney, Dr. Richard Collins, Eric Dempsey & Jim Wilson

    01 Dawn Chorus with introduction by Derek Mooney

    Recorded at Cuskinny Marsh Nature Reserve, Cobh, Co. Cork

    Sunday 19th April

    The Birds Of Bahrain

    Prof. Brendan Kavanagh from RCSI explains why working in Bahrain led to him writing all about the local ornithological sights in Birds Of Dilmun...

    Ireland's Great Spotted Woodpeckers

    Mooney Goes Wild reporter Terry Flanagan heads out with BirdWatch Ireland's Niall Hatch, to find out more about Ireland's woodpeckers...

    Tracking Badgers

    Dr. Nicola Marples, Associate Professor at the Department of Zoology at Trinity, tells us why badgers in Co Wicklow have been fitted with collars carrying the latest GPS tracking technology, so that their night time activities can be monitored...

    Derek's Blackbird & Call For Your Bird Recordings!

    Derek tells us all about the blackbird singing in his garden, plus we're looking for your bird recordings to use as part of our Dawn Chorus broadcast on Sunday, May 3rd!

    Sunday 12th April

    A Foxy Encounter

    One of Ireland’s most common and widespread mammals is the Fox. It is also one of our most handsome animals with it’s distinctive reddish-brown coat and bushy tail and it is the only wild member of the dog family found here. Our reporter, Terry Flanagan, set off for Terenure very early last Sunday morning to find out more...

    As Strong As A Limpet’s Tooth

    Common limpets such as those found along the coastline have been found to hold extraordinary powers of super strength, which could revolutionise engineering, such as in the design of Formula 1 racing cars, planes and boats of the future. Eanna ni Lamhna and Mooney Goes Wild producer Sheila O'Callaghan headed off to the coast to see what they could spot.

    eDNA & Salmon

    Mooney Goes Wild’s resident marine biologist, Dr. Ken Whelan, joins Derek, Richard and Eanna in studio to describe the work of Dr Jens Carlsson and his team in UCD, who are planning to use environmental DNA to trace the whereabouts of juvenile salmon, who, it is feared, are ending up in the nets of giant trawlers at sea…

    Sinéad’s Nature News

    Mooney Goes Wild’s Broadcast Co-Ordinator, Sinéad Renshaw, joins Derek, Richard, Eanna and Ken in studio with a look at some of the wildlife and nature stories making the headlines – including how the desert pupfish of Death Valley in Nevada can ‘hold it’s breath’ for up to five hours - and why a businessman paid €33,000 for a fish for his dinner!

    The Brontosaurus Is Back!

    For over a hundred years, the Brontosaurus has been declared a misnomer - everyone’s favourite dino was in fact just a sub-set of the Apatosaurus, and thus never existed. However new research unveiled this week has cast doubt on this age-old theory. Professor Paul Barrett dinosaur researcher at the Natural History Museum in London, explains

    Sunday 5th April

    Kerry’s Barn Owls

    Why are barn owls facing risk on Kerry's roads? Mooney Goes Wild reporter Terry Flanagan chats to John Lusby of BirdWatch Ireland to find out...

    The Loneliest Whale In The World

    Where is the world's loneliest whale, why is it lonely & why is filmmaker Josh Zeman looking for the 52-hertz whale? He explains to Derek and Richard...

    Bat Of The Year 2015

    Eanna ni Lamhna talks to Prof. Emma Teeling of UCD's BatLab about the Bat Of The Year, a new Bat family, & the work of the BatLab...

    Small Hive Beetles & Bees

    Why do small hive beetles makes their bee captors regurgitate? Philip McCabe, Mooney Goes Wild bee expert, has the answers!

    Sinéad’s Nature News

    Should we feed ducks with peas? Sinéad Renshaw chats nature news with Eanna ni Lamhna, Richard Collins & Philip McCabe...

    Friday 2nd January


    Each year, from late October through to February, hundreds of thousands of Starlings come together to form magnificent aerial displays just before they roost. Why do they do it? In this special programme, Starlings, Derek Mooney and Dr. Richard Collins investigate one of nature's greatest spectacles: Starling murmurations...

    Wednesday 31st December

    Bring Them Home For Christmas Reunion

    We hear what happened when the winners of the Bank Of Ireland-Mooney Bring Them Home For Christmas, the Mongey family from Brisbane, were reunited with their Irish family members at Mooney Tunes 11...

    Tuesday 30th December

    Nathan Carter House Party

    Join us to relive a unique evening of music & craic, when Nathan Carter & his band performed in 11-year-old Brona Cox's front room in Ballymahon, Co. Longford. Brenda Donohue was there to capture an unfortgettable House Party, when Bronagh's dreams came true...

    Monday 29th December

    Soweto Riots

    Derek talks to Lourens Groenewald, a white South African, and a former policeman, who was involved in the suppression of the notorious Soweto Uprising, and his close friend Dorah Mazibuko a black South African woman, whose son was active in the fight against apartheid, who now runs a charity called Dorah’s Ark...

    John Robbie

    Derek and his guide Les go to meet Irish rugby player turned political pundit and radio presenter John Robbie at his home in Johannesburg...

    Whale Crier Of Hermanus

    Derek meets Eric Devalah, the Whale Crier of Hermanus...

    Exploring Cape Town

    Fergus Sweeney meets Skye, who is responsible for a Minibus Taxi in Cape Town...

    Robben Island

    Derek visits Robben Island, the former prison that famously housed Nelson Mandela, where Derek met guide Tulani Mabaso, another former political prisoner of Robben Island...

    Tuesday 9th December

    The Taste Of Success

    The final of The Taste Of Success will be screened this evening at 8.30pm on RTÉ One. We catch up with the two finalists, Creagh Moore from Firhouse in Co Dublin and Padraig McCarthy, from Caherconlish in Co. Limerick, to find out how they're feeling...

    Eilish O'Carroll

    She's the star of that comedy staple Mrs. Browne's Boys, sister of Brendan, and solo performer in her own right - we delighted to be joined in studio today by Eilish O'Carroll!

    Quirky Christmas Decorations!

    What's the quirkiest Christmas decoration you have around your house? A whistling reindeer? A cheeky Santa?! Fergus Sweeney and Eilish O'Carroll judge which is most kitsch, with a pair of tickets to see Madness, and a stay at the Gibson Hotel for the winner!

    Monday 8th December

    Mooney's Monday Quiz

    Three listeners attempt to beat the clock, and each other, to win a pair of tickets to see the smash hit musical Mamma Mia! at the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre next June AND overnight accommodation in the 4* Maldron Hotel!

    Mooney Christmas Party With June Rodgers

    Last Thursday, forty Mooney listeners who didn't have a Christmas party to go to, attended the Mooney Christmas Party at the Red Cow Moran Hotel in Dublin, to watch June Rodgers Christmas Show. Brenda Donohue tells us how they all got on!

    Guest Star In Aladdin!

    Love the smell of greasepaint and the roar of the crowd? Fancy guest-appearing in one of this year's biggest pantos, Aladdin, at the Olympia? Simon Delaney, Ryan Andrews and Stuart O'Connor are in studio to explain how you can!

    Friday 5th December

    A Murmuration Of Starlings In Belfast

    Derek and Richard Collins are in Belfast to find out more about the murmurations of starlings that can be found in the city...

    Christmas Wildlife Books

    Our guests today - Eanna ni Lamhna, Terry Flanagan, Joe McConville and John Lusby - give us their recommendations of wildlife books that would make great Christmas presents...

    Tree Fungus

    Listener Edel Harrington noticed an unusual growth on one of her trees and was concerned that it might be an infection and wondered could it be a cancerous growth? We sent out Mooney Goes Wild reporter, Terry Flanagan, to investigate, and we also talk to Joe McConville, arborist and Vice President of the Tree Council of Ireland...

    Hen Harriers

    It’s portrayed as the bête noire of the bird world, posing a serious threat to certain farming sectors. But, the vilified 'hen harrier' could live side by side with farmers, with mutual benefits. That's according to John Lusby, Raptor Conservation Officer with BirdWatch Ireland, who joins us from RTÉ's Galway studio...

    Thursday 4th December

    Panto Update

    And we find out a little bit more about some of the pantos taking place around the country; this time we focus on productions in Cahir, Mullingar, and Roscommon...

    Mooney Christmas Party For Listeners Tonight

    Brenda chats about the Mooney Christmas Party at the June Rodgers show in the Red Cow Morans hotel in Dublin this evening...

    Derek Appointed Executive Producer Of Nature And Wildlife Programming In RTÉ

    Derek has a some big news today - he has been appointed Executive Producer of Nature & Wildlife Programmes for RTÉ! The Mooney programme will end, and Mooney Goes Wild will be on at the weekend. Brenda probes Derek more about the forthcoming changes...

    Noel Cunningham's Panto Trip - Fethard, Co. Tipperary

    Noel Cunningham takes a trip to Tipp to find out about the Patrician Presentation Secondary School's production of Cinderella! Oh yes he does!

    Stephanie Roche On Best Goal Award Shortlist

    Stephanie Roche tells us about THAT goal, the plaudits that have followed, and George Hamilton has exclusive commentary on the goal that puts Stephanie in the company of Robin van Persie and James Rodríguez...

    Franc Can Let It Snow For You!

    Did you know that Franc - aka Peter Kelly - also owns a company called Snow Business, and is one of 44 people in the world who pumps snow? He joins us in studio this afternoon to chat about he wants to guarantee a white Christmas for one of our listeners!

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