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    Tuesday 21st October

    The Taste Of Success

    The Taste Of Success begins tonight at 20:30 on RTÉ One. In the new show, contestants will battle it out to get their food product on the supermarket shelves of LIDL and win a €100,000 prize fund. Tonight's show is set in the Leinster Region, so we sent Mooney reporter Katriona McFadden off to Kildare Town, to meet Val O'Kelly...

    Hugh Masekela

    Tonight, the Waltons World Masters series plays host at the NCH in Dublin to legendary South African trumpeter, Hugh Masekela. He has shared the stage with Jimi Hendrix, Paul Simon and Bono, who said that meeting and playing with him was one of the highlights of his career. We're honoured and delighted to be joined in studio this afternoon by none other than Hugh Masekela himself!

    Darndale's Marathon Runners

    Brenda Donohue travels to Darndale in north Dublin to chat to Tommy Daly, who features in the TV3 programme 'Darndale: Edge Of Town'. Tommy is planning on taking part in the next New York City Marathon to raise funds for Temple Street Children's Hospital...

    Bosco Goes On Tour!

    Knock, knock, open wide. See who's on the other side! Who is it? It's Bosco! Everyone's favourite puppet joins Derek and Brenda in studio this afternoon, to tell us about his upcoming nationwide tour!

    Monday 20th October

    Mooney's Monday Quiz

    Three listeners attempt to beat the clock, and each other, to win tickets to the Waterford Marina Hotel AND tickets to the House Of Horrors event!

    Mattress Mick's Got A Mattress For A Mooney Listener!

    Last Thursday, Dublin's Mattress Mick told us about his mega music video Back With A Bang, which has racked up almost 45,000 views - and he had a mattress to give away to the Mooney listener who could rap the best! We hear some of those entries today, and Brenda reveals the winner!

    Astrology With Fergus Gibson

    Is it all written in the stars? Can our destiny truly be revealed by the zodiac? Astrologer Fergus Gibson joins Derek and Brenda in studio to chat about all things astral, and to do a mass live palm reading of listeners!

    Bono's Glaucoma Revelation

    On The Graham Norton Show on Friday, U2 singer Bono revealed that the reason he always wears shades is because he has glaucoma. But what exactly is that? Professor Michael O'Keeffe, Consultant Ophthalmologist at the Mater Hospital and Temple Street Children's Hospital, explains...

    Friday 17th October

    National Maths Week

    Mooney Goes Wild reporter and science teacher Terry Flanagan sets a few teasers to celebrate National Maths Week!

    Colour My World Competition - Week 1 Winner

    Brenda Donohue meets the first winner of the 2014 Mooney- Sunday World- Sunway Holidays Colour My World colouring competition!

    Mushroom Exhibition At Malahide Castle

    Richard Collins goes foraging for mushrooms at Cruagh Wood in the Dublin Mountains with mycologist Maria Cullen, ahead of an exhibition of fungi at Malahide Castle this Sunday and Monday...

    Irish Bats In The 21st Century

    Dr. Niamh Roche, ecologist from Bat Conservation Ireland, is co-author of a new book, Irish Bats In The 21st Century, and she joins Derek, Richard and Eanna to tell us all about the book and the bat!

    Thursday 16th October

    Mooney's Thursday Quiz

    Three listeners attempt to beat the clock, and each other, to win a family break to the Avon Rí Lakeshore Resort & Adventure Centre in Blessington, County Wicklow, with family passes to visit Avon Rí's 'Santa's Lakeshore Wonderland'!

    Sea Swimming With The Frosties!

    Earlier this month, listener Suzanne Lenane from Skerries won a prize to see Lionel Richie in concert. And when she accepted her prize she issued Brenda with a challenge: to don her cossie and join Suzanne and her swimming pals, The Frosties, to go swimming in the sea in Skerries! So last Tuesday, Brenda went swimming with the Frosties...

    Office Perks You'll Be Jealous Of!

    How do you like your workplace? Do you get all sorts of lovely perks, or is the only perk you have one solitary drink from the boss at Christmas? Katriona McFadden tells us about some of the perks available at such companies as Google, Facebook and Mars - including free meals, massage rooms and sleep pods!

    Mattress Mick's Mega Music Video!

    Dubliners might know Mattress Mick from his massive billboards all around the city advertising his wares! He's not shy when it comes to self-promotion! Now he has a promotional music video, with over 30,000 hits. Mick joins us in studio this afternoon to tell us all about it...

    Wednesday 15th October

    Winter Fitness

    Chartered physio Jenny Branigan, from Total Fitness, is in studio with her winter fitness tips ahead of the cold snap!

    Elio Pace Sings Billy Joel Songs

    Just The Way You Are, River Of Dreams, Uptown Girl ... just a small number of Billy Joel's classics. Singer Elio Pace continues his Billy Joel Songbook tour around Ireland tonight, and he pops into studio to chat with Derek about the songs of Billy Joel, his own musical background, and to sing a song or two!

    Il Divo Competition

    Are you fans of Il Divo? Fancy meeting the lads in Paris? We have an AMAZING trip to Paris to be won - we asked you to sing us your favourite Il Divo musical number! Today we hear from our final contestants, and reveal the winner!

    Monday 13th October

    Shopping For Free In Copenhagen

    In Copenhagen’s Frederiksberg district you can now shop for free! Freemarket opened its doors a few weeks ago, and offers free goods in exchange for reviews. Derek talks to Rune Knudsen, Chief Development Officer of Freemarket, and to Desmond Burke (from Ballybunion but living in Copenhagen), to find out more...

    Il Divo Competition

    Are you fans of Il Divo? Fancy meeting the lads in Paris? We have an AMAZING trip to Paris to be won - we asked you to sing us your favourite Il Divo musical number! Visit to find out more...

    Changes To Eurovision Selection Process

    RTÉ today announced its callout for songs that could represent Ireland in The Eurovision Song Contest in 2015. The public are invited to submit entries which include a song and performer; those entries will then be short-listed by an initial judging panel to be selected by RTÉ. To tell us more, we're joined in studio by RTÉ's Executive Producer of Eurovision, Michael Kealy...

    Friday 10th October

    Il Divo Competition Next Monday

    On Monday, we want you to sing us your favourite Il Divo musical number for a chance to win an AMAZING trip to Paris to watch Il Divo perform - and to meet them in person! Visit to find out more...

    Botanic Gardens Remember Matilda Knowles

    On Sunday, a new plaque in the National Botanic Gardens will remember Matilda Knowles, one of Ireland’s foremost botanists, who was born 150 years ago. Terry Flanagan headed off to the 'Bots' to meet up Director Dr. Matthew Jebb, for a sneak preview of the plaque, and to view some of the recordings she made...

    Highly Invasive Asian Clam Discovered On Shannon

    Asian Clams are one of the most notorious of aquatic invasive species in the world. They choke native invertebrate and other wildlife out of their environment. A few weeks ago a new population of Asian Clams was discovered on the River Shannon. Dr. Joe Caffrey, who is Senior Research Officer with the Invasive Species Section of Inland Fisheries Ireland, discovered the clams and he is very, very worried. He is here to tell us why...

    Egyptian Marine Life

    Marine biologist Rowan Byrne has been spending some time in Egypt recently, teaching divers - principally tourists - how to interact with the wildlife they will encounter in the Mediterranean waters, of the Egyptian coast. He joins us in studio this afternoon to talk us through the benefits of and problems with eco-tourism, and how to interact with turtles, sharks and dugongs, and his work with hawksbill turtles and green turtles.

    Thursday 9th October

    Il Divo Competition Next Monday

    Are you a devotee of Il Diva? Do you fancy watching the lads perform in Paris - and meeting them in person?! On Monday, we'll be giving away this amazing prize, with accommodation in a 4* hotel to boot! Just sing us your favourite Il Divo musical number - e-mail with your details if you'd like to take part!

    Eponymous Laws

    Did you know that Godwin's Law is an Internet adage asserting that 'As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches'. It is just one of a large number of eponymous laws - laws that are named after people. Mooney producer Olan McGowan joins Derek in studio with some more examples...

    Doorstep Wilderness In Dublin

    Terry Flanagan, Mooney Goes Wild reporter & science teacher, walks by the Dodder river and talks to Paul Hughes, author of the photography book 'Doorstep Wilderness: A Wilder Side Of Dublin'...

    Songs That Motivate Sports People

    In Roy Keane's new autobiography, he voices his disgust at the choice of Dancing Queen being used to 'pump up' Sunderland before they took to the field. So what's the best music to rouse a team to victory? Brenda Donohue visits the Naas AFC Under 14 team, and Roddy Collins' boxing gym, to find out about the music that inspires them...

    Mooney Tunes 11

    Mooney Tunes 11 will take just before Christmas this year, on Sunday, December 21st. Tickets haven't gone on sale yet, and we'll tell you when they do, but right now we're looking for your choice of music, and the stories of why that music means so much to you - e-mail!

    Wednesday 8th October

    Pre-Nups For Pets

    Mooney vet Andrew Byrne, from BrayVet, tells us about the importance of including pets in any pre-nuptial agreements...

    Red London Phoneboxes Become Solar Mobile Phone Chargers

    In London, the iconic but neglected red telephone boxes are being given a news lease of life, as solar mobile charging boxes! Kieran Gough has been to find out more, and we also learn more about them from the inventor of the Solarbox, Kirsty Kenny...

    Do Shorter Men Make Better Husbands?

    According to new research, the shorter the man, the better a husband he will make. Can this be true? Pat O'Mahony investigates!


    Who's the biggest cheapskate in Ireland? We try to find out!

    4 In A Bar

    Barbershop quartet 4 In A Bar join Derek in studio for a chat and a tune!

    Tuesday 7th October

    Playground Etiquette

    Brenda meets with Andrea Mara, writer of the parenting blog, to find out why she dislikes playgrounds, and talks to Andrea and other parents about the do's and don'ts of playground etiquette!

    Mooney's Monday Quiz

    Three players attempt to beat the clock, and each other, to win a weekend to The Gleneagle Hotel in Killarney, to celebrate Killarney's Call Of The Wild walking weekend!

    Monday 6th October

    Rescuing Cows In Meath

    Christy Rennicks, from Meath River Rescue, describes the rescue of Rosie the cow, and her calf, from an island on Lough Breakey in County Meath...

    The Value Of Coins

    Numismatist Michael Kelly has advice on making a bob or two on valuable coins and stamps, and tells us about a coin exhibition coming up at the RDS in Dublin...

    Unclaimed Lottery Prizes

    Paula McEvoy from the National Lottery tells us which winning lottery tickets are currently unclaimed, with the time period in which they can be claimed running out...

    Friday 3rd October

    Sex Changing Ducks

    Katriona Mc Fadden investigates the mystery of the sex changing ducks in Co Kildare

    Species numbers halved in 40 years

    Humans kill for food in unsustainable numbers and destroy habitats, the Earth has lost half of its wildlife in the past 40 years, according to WWF, Dr. Ian Donohue Assistant Professor of Zoology, TCD tells Derek more

    Dr Hammerhead

    Nicknamed ‘Dr Hammerhead’ for his practice of snorkelling with Hammerhead sharks in order to tag them with a dart gun,Peter Klimley, has been studying shark behaviour for decades and is a recognised world authority on the subject. His talk to the RDS will be about the vilification of sharks in the media and how they have been misunderstood

    Thursday 2nd October

    Unusual Laws To Be Repealed

    Did you know that we have been at war with Denmark since 1666, and that a 1665 proclamation which sets the first Wednesday of every month as a day of fasting and humiliation in remembrance of the bubonic plague in London is still valid? The Government is about to undertake the largest repealing measure ever undertaken by the State and it is looking for your input. Barrister Paul-Anthony McDermott talks us through some of those laws...

    Should Dublin Have A New Motto?

    Obedientia Civium Urbis Felicitas is Dublin's motto, and it means 'Happy the city where citizens obey'. We get the view of the public, some well-known Dubliners, and Dublin City Councillor Mary Freehill (Lab), who believes that it's time for a change of motto...

    Lionel Richie Winner!

    On yesterday's show, we asked you to sing us your favourite Lionel Richie song for a chance to win tickets to see him in concert, and a stay in The Gibson Hotel in Dublin. Six listeners sang their hearts out so well that we gave all SIX a pair of tickets to see Lionel Richie next March. But who will get the hotel stay? We find out today!

    Wednesday 1st October

    Marian O'Gorman, Kilkenny Group CEO & The Entrepreneurs

    Marian O'Gorman is CEO of the Kilkenny Group, and is one of Ireland's most successful entrepreneurs - but as we heard on The Entrepreneurs last Monday, she's not afraid to admit that she's had to face personal fears and overcome adversity. The Entrepreneurs is a new TV series which started on RTÉ1 last Monday, and Marian joins us in studio to tell us more about it...

    Blood Brothers

    Last night, Derek attended the opening of Blood Brothers at the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre. He tells Brenda what he made of the production...

    Win Tickets To See Lionel Richie!

    Whether it's Dancing On The Ceiling, Easy, or All Night Long, everyone has their favourite Lionel Richie song. So we asked you to sing us your favourite, for a chance to win a pair of tickets to see the great man perform at the 3 Arena next March AND a stay in The Gibson Hotel in Dublin!

    Tuesday 30th September

    Talking To Strangers

    New research suggests that we might all be happier if we chatted to people we meet by chance. So why don't we do it more often? Katriona McFadden asks people how they would feel about striking up a conversation with complete stranger, and psychotherapist Trish Murphy joins Derek in studio this afternoon to explain...

    Airline Stories With Gerry Byrne

    Under guidelines issued on Friday by the European Aviation Safety Agency, European airlines can now permit passengers to use electronics during entire flight without putting them into airplane mode, including mobile phones. For more on this and other aviation stories, Derek is joined by aviation expert Gerry Byrne...

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