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    Thursday 17th April

    The Journey's On Us - Irish Rail Initiative

    Last year, Mooney teamed up with Irish Rail to offer community groups the opportunity to avail of free travel. A follow-up competition invited those travelling to describe their journey, and today reporter Brenda Donohue went to meet the winning group: Special Hands, from Kells in Co. Meath...

    Mooney’s Thursday Quiz

    Three players attempt to beat the clock, and each other, to win a luxury weekend break to the K Club & Spa in Kildare!

    A Postcard From Italy...

    This afternoon, we travel to Perugia in Italy, to chat to Bray native, Kerry Waldron, about mafia restaurants, Silvio Berlusconi, a Disneyland for foodies, and the singing nun, Sister Cristina Scuccia, who is taking The Voice Of Italy by storm!

    June Rodgers Goes On Tour!

    Oliver Bond ... Jacinta O'Brien ... Patty from Bunratty ... they are all the comic creations of one of Ireland's best loved performers, June Rodgers. June has been involved in showbiz for 23 years, but remarkably, this summer she will be taking part in her first EVER national tour! We're delighted to welcome June into studio this afternoon, for a chat, and a performance or two!

    Wednesday 16th April

    Irish Musical Theatre Education

    Today we hear more about Musical Theatre education, in the company of West End star Jessica Cervi, Deirdre Masterson, Course Director at the new Irish College of Music Theatre, Johnathan Tweedie, Course Director for Musical Theatre Ireland's Advanced Preparation Course in Cork and Tony Finnegan, Director/ Actor at Festival Productions...

    Max, The Search And Rescue Dog

    When Peggy Mangan went missing in Dublin last September, the Dublin Civil Defense team didn’t have a dedicated search and rescue dog to help find her. Thanks to the foundation set up in her name, they will from now on. Today, the Peggy Mangan Foundation handed over search and rescue dog Max to the Dublin Civil Defense; Brenda Donohue went to meet Peggy's family...

    Follow-Up: Relationship Advice

    On Monday, we spoke to counselling psychologist Aisling Curtin about a dilemma faced by one of our listeners, whose husband had moved out of the marital bed. We received a huge response to the woman's letter, and we bring you more of that reaction today...

    Tuesday 15th April

    Movie Endings

    From Rick Blaine's 'Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship' (ending Casablanca), to Scarlett O'Hara's 'I'll go home and I'll think of some way to get him back. After all, tomorrow is another day!', ending the epic Gone With The Wind, many's a movie saves the best line till last. Joining us in studio today with his top movie endings is Michael Doherty Entertainment Editor with the RTÉ Guide...


    It's always nice when a dinner invite arrives, so we were very excited when an organisation called 'Foodcloud' invited us to a 'Feast' with a difference! The entire menu would be cooked from supermarket surplus and ingredients that would ordinarily be thrown away in an effort to highlight food waste. Mooney reporter Katriona McFadden put on her best frock and went along...

    Moob Reduction

    Apparently male breast reduction is on the increase, even here in Ireland. Recently Derek visited the Venus Medical Beauty Clinic in Dundrum, in Dublin, to talk to John, age 30, who had the procedure done last October. Derek also talked to Dr. Peter Prendergast, President of the European College of Aesthetic Medicine and co-founder of Venus Medical Beauty. Dr. Prendergast performs what’s technically referred to as Vaser Lipoplasty (or ultra sound assisted Lipoplasty) in reducing male breast size...

    Hillsborough Remembered, 25 Years On

    25 years ago today, 96 Liverpool football supporters lost their lives in the Hillsborough Stadium tragedy. Today we remember them, and producer Olan McGowan tells us all about that stirring Liverpool anthem 'You'll Never Walk Alone'...

    Monday 14th April

    When Relationships Break Down

    We recently received a letter from a distressed female listener. Her husband had moved into the spare room a few years ago, and had no intention of moving back to the marital bed. We hear your thoughts and advice on the matter, and Derek also talks to counselling psychologist Aisling Curtin...

    Launch Of Mooney Tunes 10!

    On Friday, June 13th, Mooney Tunes 10 will take place at the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre in Dublin. It will be a 'Best Of' show, where we want you to tell us what your favourite Mooney Tunes have been. Visit to view the selection list! Mooney Tunes producer Olan McGowan is in studio with the details...

    Friday 11th April

    How Many Insects Do Bats Eat?

    On The Park TV show last Sunday, it was mentioned that bats eat 3000 insects a night. How, wondered our listener Cathy, did they reach that number?! To explain, we're joined by Dr. Daniel Buckley, a bat specialist working for Scott Cawley ecological consultancy and Chairman of the Irish Wildlife Trust...

    Hedgehogs Are Waking Up

    In the UK, the hedgehog population has declined by a third in the last ten years and the RSPB is calling on people to make their gardens as wildlife-friendly as possible. But how is the hedgehog faring in Ireland? To explain, we're joined from the RTÉ Cork studios by Dr Amy Haigh, a Post-Doctorate Researcher in University College Cork...

    Airfield Reawakens

    After a two-year renovation project, Airfield Farm in Dundrum, Dublin, is opening its doors to the public again; Eanna ni Lamhna went down for a sneak preview...

    International Meeting of Young Beekeepers

    Ahead of the International Meeting of Young Beekeepers in Poland this June, we are joined in studio today by Philip McCabe, PRO for the Federation of Irish Beekeepers & President of Apimondia – Regional Commission Europe, and Jordan O'Neill, age 16, who is one of Ireland's leading young beekeepers...

    Pheasants Flying Into Gable Wall

    Mooney Goes Wild reporter Terry Flanagan visits Aran Mór to talk to listener Deirdre Ní Cinnéide, about the three pheasants that flew into the wall of her house

    Looking For Limpets

    Dr Louise Firth, Lecturer in Zoology at NUI Galway, joins us from our Galway studios to explain why she is looking for citizen scientists to record sightings of sea urchins, limpets and barnacles in the West of Ireland...

    Thursday 10th April

    Blind Boys Of Alabama Competition – Finalists Revealed

    For the last couple of days on the programme, we've been playing a selection of entries into our competition in conjunction with Waltons New School of Music to find a choir to support The Blind Boys Of Alabama, when they appear at the National Concert Hall on May 21st. And we're delighted that Aideen Walton, from Waltons New School Of Music, has joined us in studio to reveal who are our final three...

    1000 Years Since Death Of Brian Ború

    1000 years ago, on April 23rd 1014, Ireland's most famous high king lost his life at the Battle of Clontarf. Throughout this month, various celebrations will take place to mark the passing of Brian Ború. So we thought we'd take the opportunity to remind ourselves just who this man was. We're delighted to be joined by Professor Sean Duffy, Trinity College Professor of Irish history, and author of the definitive work on Ireland's last great monarch: Brian Boru and the Battle of Clontarf.

    Follow-Up: Slim In Your Sleep!

    A month ago, Reenagh McCall, Director of Embrace Lingerie, was in studio to explain how her Embrace Slimming Leggings would shed inches and cellulite if worn for 8 hours a day, for 28 days. We asked four listeners to test this, and today we find out how our testers got on!

    Wednesday 9th April

    Update - Blind Boys Of Alabama Competition

    Tomorrow, we will announce which one of our Gospel groups will be performing as support act for the Blind Boys Of Alabama. Today we hear some of the entries, from Maynooth Gospel Choir, Cabinteely Gospel Group, Gardiner Street Gospel Choir and The Soulful!

    What Is Happiness?

    What makes us happy? Today we explore happiness, in the company of Harvard's Dr. Nancy Etcoff. We find out what makes people in Sligo happy, Brenda Donohue visits Ireland's happiest school, we find out why 'Donegal Is Happy' - and our own Derek is VERY happy after Secrets Of The Irish Landscape won a prestigious New York Festivals award!

    Tuesday 8th April

    Update - Blind Boys Of Alabama Competition

    On Thursday, we will announce which one of our Gospel groups will be performing as support act for the Blind Boys Of Alabama. Today we hear some of the entries, from Glór Gospel Choir, Lucan Gospel Singers, the Oblate Gospel Choir, Howth Gospel Choir and the Dublin Africa Gospel Choir...

    Gary Talbot

    Gary Talbot, from Ballyfermot in Dublin, contacted us to about his career as a successful male model. He is the only Irish male model to strut his stuff on the catwalk during London Fashion Week and has been scouted by some of the biggest fashion houses on the planet, Tom Ford and Versace to name but a couple. Brenda Donohue went along to meet Gary and find out a bit more about life as a male model...

    Celia Holman-Lee

    The lovely Celia Holman-Lee has just been lauded by her native Limerick with a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Limerick Person of the Year Awards. She joins us from our Limerick studios today to chat style, modelling and to dispense some fashion advice!

    Monday 7th April

    Diarmuid Gavin

    Diarmuid Gavin, gardener, garden designer & creator of a paving range, is in studio to chat about attending a production of Mamma Mia with three members of ABBA in attendance, why he’ll be appearing at the Ideal Homes Show at the RDS this weekend, and going on set at South Fork and meeting the Dallas cast members!

    40 Years Of ABBA!

    40 years ago yesterday, in 1974, ABBA took the world by storm with Waterloo. Today, we say 'Thank You For The Music' that followed, in the company of musician Andy O'Callaghan, who played at FIVE Eurovision Song Contests, Ingmarie Halling (curator of the ABBA Museum and their former Wardrobe Supervisor), and Eurovision legend Paul Harrington, who is himself celebrating 20 years since winning with 'Rock'n'Roll Kids'...

    Friday 4th April

    Nesting Mistle Thrush

    Niall Hatch, Development Officer with BirdWatch Ireland, is at the Louth home of listener Deanna McGuinness, who has a mistle thrush nesting on the window ledge of her spare bedroom...

    Irish Butterfly Population Increases

    It has been a good year for Irish butterflies - the Irish butterfly population increased by almost a third last year! How do we know this you might ask? Who is going around counting the butterflies of Ireland? One of those who is monitoring Irish butterfly numbers is Dr. Tomás Murray, an ecologist with the National Biodiversity Data Centre and project co-ordinator with the Irish Butterfly Monitoring Scheme, and he joins us in studio today!

    Raptor Conservation

    Katriona McFadden, Mooney reporter, visits Killahan National School in County Kerry with John Lusby, Raptor Officer with BirdWatch Ireland, and Susan O'Donohue from The Heritage Council; the 'Raptor Conservation Project', run by BirdWatch Ireland, has been visiting primary schools in raptor-rich areas to educate the next generation about the importance of birds of prey...

    Reenascreena's Electric Chicken!

    On Monday of this week, we received an e-mail from Reenascreena National School in Roscarberry in County Cork. The School Principal, Jean Dignan, wrote to us to tell us about their electric chicken! What’s an electric chicken? We wondered that too, so we sent Jim Wilson along to Roscarberry to find out...

    The Kildare 'Geep'

    What do you get if you cross a goat with a sheep? A shoat? A geep? We find out about a very special hybrid animal born in Kildare recently!

    Thursday 3rd April

    World Autism Day

    Yesterday was World Autism Awareness Day, and we learned how many people living on this spectrum go on to achieve great things. Today we are joined by Fiona O'Leary, who is on the Autism Spectrum, as are two of her children. We talk to 15yo wildlife blogger Murray, who is Autistic, and we chat to Pat Matthews, Executive Director of the Irish Society for Autism.

    Blood Donors

    The Irish Blood Transfusion Service is looking for donors; yesterday, Mooney reporter Brenda Donohue went to the D'Olier Street clinic to see who is donating and for what reason. And for more this, we are joined in studio by Dr William Murphy, Medical & Scientific Director of the IBTS.

    Wednesday 2nd April

    Mooney's Wednesday Quiz

    Three players attempt to beat the clock, and each other, to win a weekend break to the Hodson Bay Hotel in Athlone!

    Saving Voices

    Eanna ni Lamhna visits St. Marnock’s Primary School in Portmarnock with Caitriona Munier, professional voice consultant, where they meet up with Fionnuala Nig Shamhráin, who is a Senior Infants teacher at the school...

    Parisian Ghost Stations & 125 Years Of The Eiffel Tower

    Paris' Eiffel Tower celebrated its 125th year anniversary on Monday. And there are proposals to create lasting legacies for it's disused metro stations too, turning them into pools and nightclubs. For more, we're joined in studio by our French correspondent: Siobhán Silke, from France 24...

    Follow-Up: Going Dutch

    If you had just started dating someone, would you be happy if they ALWAYS expected you to pay for food, drinks etc...? Or would you always insist on going Dutch? That's the question we've been posing over the last few days, and it's a topic that has you highly passionate! Today, we bring you more of your reaction...

    Tuesday 1st April

    Solemnising Humanist Marriages

    Mooney Goes Wild reporter Terry Flanagan will be attending his niece's Humanist wedding on Friday, and he has been asked to be a stand-in for the solemniser, if he doesn't turn up. Terry is in studio today; he’s honoured to be asked but doesn’t know what he’d have to do. To help answer some of those questions, we're also joined in studio by Brian Whiteside, Director of Ceremonies with the Humanist Association of Ireland...

    Pride Watches

    Dragon's Den is back on our screens again, and it is precisely two years since we met Dragon's Den competitor Jason O'Reilly, founder of Pride watches. Jason joins us in studio today with an update on how his watch business has developed since we first met him - including a very special deal with the soccer game Subbuteo...

    Not Going Dutch

    If you are asked on a date, do you insist on splitting the bill or would you allow the person who asked you out to pay? What about subsequent dates? When we first mentioned this last Thursday, we had a huge reaction, so we sent Brenda Donohue along to Brasserie 66 to ask: who's paying the bill?

    Monday 31st March

    D'Mammy Of The Year 2014

    As you know yesterday was Mother's Day – and we hope all mothers were treated well, but it was also the day we found out who won D’MAMMY OF THE YEAR COMPETITION. The Sunday World and Mooney have been running a competition over the past few weeks, with and Royal Caribbean, to find the ultimate Irish mammy. We had an amazing prize for the winner of a seven-night Caribbean cruise for two, and yesterday Brenda went to surprise the winner of the competition, Sandra Fitzgerald from Drimagh in Dublin...

    Crystal Swing

    The Swingers are back in town! Mary Murray-Burke, along with son Derek and daughter Dervla - aka Crystal Swing - join us in studio to tell us why they're 'Livin' La Vida Loca'!

    A Dessert By Any Other Name

    Is it a banana boat or a banana float? Or do you call yours a banana split? And where do you stand on tiramisu? We're talking desserts this afternoon, and it's a topic that has you highly divided!

    Friday 28th March

    UV Light & Migration

    Derek is joined by Glen Jeffrey, Professor of Neuroscience at University College London, who has been doing research into how UV flashes from power cables are affecting animal habitats and migration...

    Terry's Blackbird

    Mooney Goes Wild reporter Terry Flanagan has a blackbird nesting in his back garden, which unseasonably early. We link up with Terry and Niall Hatch, Development Officer with BirdWatch Ireland, this afternoon to find out more about his bird!

    Saving Seahorses

    According to marine biologist Kealan Doyle, seahorses could be extinct in 8517 days from today! Did you know that the seahorse is the only animal in the world where the male gives birth, and they can give birth to 4,000 babies at a time?! They are most fascinating fish, and we're delighted that Kealan joins us in studio this afternoon to tell us more about the seahorse - and what we can do to prevent their extinction...

    Dairy Farms In New Zealand

    Visitors from New Zealand will have heard of the Selwyn River which flows through the Selwyn District of Canterbury in the South Island. It's a huge river, 80km long. But according to our marine biologist Ken Whelan, it's gone! It's an ex-river! Ken was in New Zealand for five weeks recently, and he tells us about dairy farms and ex-rivers...

    War Horse

    On Wednesday, Richard Collins went along to the opening night of the play War Horse, in Dublin's Bord Gáis Energy Theatre. It's a production that has been winning universal rave reviews, but what would our Richard make of it? He joins us in studio to give us his reaction to the performance he saw...

    Thursday 27th March

    Stories From The States, With Lenore Skenazy

    The journalist, writer and creator of the blog, Lenore Skenazy, joins us from New York with a look at some of the more unusual stories from the States, including the students who protested walking less than a mile back to school from the local McDonalds, and the Mum who inadvertently caused a lock-down at her son's school after forgetting to sign in...

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