Sunday 9th April

Going For Grunion

The sight of thousands of Grunion fish tumbling onto shore on wave after wave of Pacific surf is a truly extraordinary thing to witness – and is sometimes referred to as a “Grunion Invasion”. It's long been on Derek's 'bucket list' - and recently, in California, he got to see this incredible phenomenon for himself. He tells us about his experience...

Desalination Through Graphene

As researchers at the University of Manchester create a way for seawater to be turned into drinking water, Ken Whelan explains what impact that might have on our salmon...

Swallows & Other Birds

We find out about your recent swallow sightings, as we search for the call of the cuckoo. And we invite you to join us for our special Dawn Chorus programme on May 7th, when we'll get to hear early morning birdsong in Ireland, Europe and India!

Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 09/04/17

On MGW tonight: Swallows & Other Birds; Desalination Through Graphene; Going For Grunion...

Sunday 2nd April

Ireland's Rabbit Industry

Reporter Terry Flanagan investigates the flourishing industry that once was the rabbit business...

Tagging Light-Bellied Brent Geese

Dr. Richard Collins gets up close and personal with some Brent Geese on the North Bull Island in Dublin...

Tinder For Orang-utans

Dr. Mariska Kret from Leiden University in the Netherlands tells us about computer dating for orang-utans...

Seeking Swallows & Pheasant Encounters

We're on the search for sightings of swallows, plus we hear about Derek's pheasant experience on the road back from Cork!

Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 02/04/17

On MGW tonight: Seeking Swallows & Pheasant Encounters; Tinder For Orang-utans; Tagging Light-Bellied Brent Geese; Ireland's Rabbit Industry...

Sunday 26th March

Cavan's Garden Wildlife

Terry Flanagan visits the home of the Ryan family in Cavan, who tell him about the amazing array of wildlife that visit their garden!

My Naturama Nature Journal

Author and journalist Suzanne Campbell and her daughters road-test 'My Naturama Nature Journal' - plus WIN a two-book bundle of 'Naturama' + 'My Naturama Nature Journal'!

Maternal Instincts In Birds & Animals

As today is Mother’s Day, we celebrate the weird and wonderful maternal instincts of our hoofed, feathered and finned friends in the animal kingdom, with zoologist Dr. Richard Collins, ornithologist Eric Dempsey of BirdsIreland.com, and Isabel Baker, who is a Dolphin Researcher at the Shannon Dolphin and Wildlife Foundation...

Calling All Cuckoos!

Every year at this time the race is on to be the first person to hear the cuckoo call. And we want Mooney Goes Wild to be able to claim the accolade this year! So as soon as you hear the cuckoo sing grab your phone, or any other recording device, and e-mail it to mooney@rte.ie!

Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 26/03/17

On MGW tonight: Calling All Cuckoos!; Maternal Instincts In Birds & Animals; My Naturama Nature Journal; Cavan's Garden Wildlife...

Sunday 19th March

Mooney Goes Wild - Doc: The Rat 19/03/17

They say you're never more than six feet from a rat. In this new documentary, we burrow into the underground world of one of our most vilified creatures, the rat. Naturalist Eanna ni Lamhna is our intrepid guide...

Sunday 12th March

Mooney Goes Wild - Doc: The Dipper 12/03/17

In this new documentary, Derek Mooney learns about the latest research into the habits and characteristics of this most intriguing of birds, and finds out how analysing a dipper's feathers can indicate the stress level of the bird and the environment. For more information, visit www.rte.ie/mooney / Twitter: @naturerte / Facebook: rtenature

Sunday 5th March

The Breathing Burren

Illustrator and author Gordon D'Arcy tells us about his new book, which celebrates The Breathing Burren - PLUS enter our competition to win of five copies of this gorgeous guide to this beautiful part of Ireland!

The Squirrels Of Howth Head

Reporter Terry Flanagan finds out about how locals on Howth Head are hoping to protect their red squirrels...

Westmeath's Whooper Swans

Derek and Richard Collins visit farmer Vincent Nally in Emper, County Westmeath, to find out about the bevy of Whooper swans visiting his land...

Derek's Resident Robin

Save the date - the Dawn Chorus show is back on May 7th! As we hear the robin resident in Derek's garden, we ask you to send us audio recordings and videos of resident birds in your area!

Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 05/03/17

On MGW tonight: Derek's Resident Robin; Westmeath's Whooper Swans; The Squirrels Of Howth Head; The Breathing Burren...

Sunday 26th February

Seachtain na Gaeilge & Éire Fhiáin – An Cósta Thiar

Seachtain na Gaeilge kicks off this Wednesday, March 1st, when we celebrate our Irish culture and language. Eanna explains more, and Eoin Warner tells us about his new two-part TG4 series, exploring the wildlife of Ireland's Atlantic edge, which also begins on March 1st!

Glorious Goldfinches

What's your favourite bird? For many people, including Derry Kilroy, it's the goldfinch. Derry got in touch to tell us about the many goldfinches that visit his garden in County Westmeath; we sent reporter Terry Flanagan along to visit!

Niall Hatch's Wild Japan

With creatures such as cranes, eagles, and fish owls, Japan is a truly spectacular wildlife paradise! Niall Hatch from BirdWatch Ireland was lucky enough to travel there on his holiday recently, and he joins Derek, Richard and Eanna in studio to tell us all about it!

Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 26/02/17

On MGW tonight: Niall Hatch's Wild Japan; Glorious Goldfinches; Seachtain na Gaeilge & Éire Fhiáin – An Cósta Thiar...

Sunday 19th February

Corr Scéal – Crane Notions

We meet Lorcán Ó Tuathail, author of a new book that examines myths and legends about the Eurasian Crane, and its place in Irish culture...

Ireland's First Female Botanist

Eanna ni Lamhna visits an exhibition in Trinity College, Dublin, about Ireland's first female botanist, Ellen Hutchins...

European Tree Of The Year Competition

We ask for your support for Ireland's entry in the European Tree of The Year competition...

Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 19/02/17

On MGW tonight: Corr Scéal – Crane Notions; European Tree Of The Year Competition; Ireland's First Female Botanist...

Sunday 12th February

Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow?

We find out about a listener’s fears for one of our most iconic mammals, the native Irish hare - Terry Flanagan travels to County Laois to learn more...

Numerous Newts

Eanna ni Lamhna investigates an explosion of newt numbers in a back garden in County Meath...

Waxwing Lyrical

Exotic waxwings are flocking to our shores as they escape Europe’s big freeze - we visit Eric Dempsey in Wicklow to look for this beautiful bird...

Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 12/02/17

On MGW tonight: Waxwing Lyrical; Numerous Newts; Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow?

Sunday 5th February

Atlas Of Mammals In Ireland

Did you know that 72 mammal species have been recorded in Ireland? Almost a quarter of a million records from 57 datasets were used to help build up this information, and it has just been collated and published in a superb new book entitled Atlas of Mammals in Ireland 2010 – 2015. The book was launched recently by our very own Eanna ni Lamhna, and our reporter, Terry Flanagan, headed down to Kilkenny to chat to Eanna and to those who have been involved in its creation...

Fish Accents & Aquatic Dawn Chorus

Did you know that cod from different parts have different regional accents? Professor Steve Simpson, from Exeter University, is the lead researcher, and he joins us from the BBC studios in Bristol to explain how these fish have evolved to have different 'accents' - and to tell us about a fish Dawn Chorus!

Effect Of Volcanoes On Chilean Fish

Mooney Goes Wild's resident marine biologist, Professor Ken Whelan, has just returned from Chile, where he researched the effects of the exploding volcanoes on fish. Ken joins us in studio to tell Derek and Richard Collins about his fascinating trip to the South American country, and what he discovered about Chilean fish whilst he was out there...

Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 05/02/17

On MGW tonight: Effect Of Volcanoes On Chilean Fish; Fish Accents & Aquatic Dawn Chorus; Atlas Of Mammals In Ireland...

Sunday 29th January

Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 29/01/17 - Roosting Starlings & Rooks

Where do birds roost - and why? Derek Mooney teams up Richard Collins and Eugene Dunbar (from BirdWatch Ireland) at Lough Ennell in Co. Westmeath, as they find out about the marvellous starling murmurations that can be viewed there. And in the nearby village of Kilbeggan, Terry Flanagan talks to local man TP O'Gorman, and Eanna chats to ornithologist Eric Dempsey, about the numerous amount of crows that can be found roosting there...

Sunday 22nd January

Bird Identification & Field Guides

We help one listener to identify a mystery bird and explain why, for the very first time, it’s now singing in the early hours of the morning. And whether you’re a beginner or an expert, which are the go-to field guides when it comes to birdwatching? Eanna ni Lamhna and Niall Hatch of BirdWatch Ireland share their top picks...

How Spiders Fine Tune Their Webs

Researcher Dr Beth Mortimer, from the Zoology Department at the University of Oxford, tells us about the wealth of information that spiders can pick up from their web's vibrations...

Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 22/01/17

On MGW tonight: How Spiders Fine Tune Their Webs; Bird Identification & Field Guides...

Sunday 15th January

Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 15/01/17 - DOC: The Common Swift

Following on from last night's broadcast of The Beeman, our second NEW wildlife radio documentary this weekend is all about The Common Swift (Apus apus). Join Derek as he learns about efforts being made across Europe, from Cork to Warsaw, and from Belfast to Baku in Azerbaijan, to learn more and thus help save this favourite summer visitor!

Sunday 8th January

Pig Personalities

Professor Lisa Collins tells us about the different personalities pigs can possess!

Raoul Empey

RTÉ's Paul Cunningham chats to Wicklow man Raoul Empey about being one of Al Gore's 'Climate Reality Leaders'...

Budgies Can Avoid Collisions

Professor Mandyam V. Srinivasan explains why budgies are able to completely avoid collisions with each other when flying...

Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 08/01/17

On MGW tonight: Budgies Can Avoid Collisions; Raoul Empey; Pig Personalities...

Sunday 1st January

Young Environmentalist, Alicia Premakur

Reporter Terry Flanagan meets young Irish environmentalist Alicia Premakur...

Sir David Hempleman-Adams

We chat to the newly-knighted Sir David Templeman-Adams, one of the world's greatest explorers...

Killer Whale Research Ireland

Róisín Pinfield tells us about new research at University College Cork into one of our most intelligent and emotionally complex creatures, the killer whale...

Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 01/01/17

On MGW tonight: Killer Whale Research Ireland; Sir David Hempleman-Adams; Young Environmentalist, Alicia Premakur...

Sunday 18th December

DOCUMENTARY: The Robin - The Christmas Bird

Another chance to listen back to the classic 1999 Mooney Goes Wild documentary about our favourite festive feathered friend...

Feeding Garden Birds In Winter

Mooney Goes Wild reporter Terry Flanagan visits Derek at home in Dublin, with tips and advice on feeding garden birds in winter...

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