Sunday 25th September

Europe's Earthworms

Olaf Schmidt takes Eanna ni Lamhna for a walk around UCD to take a look at some 'ecosystem engineers' – otherwise known as Earthworms – and check up on the health of their numbers here...

Tracking Kittiwakes

Dr. Mark Jessop tells Professor John O’Hallora about the cameras that are charting the life and times of the Kittiwake, from the Skellig Islands off the coast of County Kerry to the Svalbard archipelago in the Arctic Ocean...

Do Animals Exercise For Fitness?

The state of the nation's health has been very much in the news this week, with recommendations including an increase in levels of physical activity. But what about our beastly brethren? Do animals exercise for fitness? Richard Collins talks to eco-physiologist Dr. Lewis Halsey to find out what his studies have revealed...

Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 26/09/16

On MGW tonight: Do Animals Exercise For Fitness?; Tracking Kittiwakes; Europe's Earthworms

Sunday 11th September

Mooney Goes Wild Special: Invasive Species

Last month the EU published new legislation, requiring all member states to take action on a list of 37 invasive alien species. But what exactly are they? In this special, Derek, Richard Collins and Eanna ni Lamhna examine the effect that invasive species can have on our ecosystem and what can be done to combat them...

Sunday 4th September

Mooney Goes Wild Special: Cuckoos

Derek Mooney and Dr Richard Collins visit Wicken Fen in Cambridgeshire to talk to Professor Nick Davies, one of the world's leading authorities on cuckoos...

Sunday 28th August

Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 28/08/16

On MGW tonight: Tree Sculpture in North Dublin; Bambi In The Burbs; Caring For Hedgehogs...

Caring For Hedgehogs

Right around the country, there are refuges for sick or injured hedgehogs, often run by volunteers. One such sanctuary can be found in the north of Dublin city. It’s run by Aideen McGee, from a spare room in her own home in Finglas. Eanna ni Lamhna went along to meet her and the menagerie of animals in her care...

Bambi In The Burbs

Regular listener Pat Kelly lives in South Co. Dublin, and his garden backs onto an old abandoned estate. Looking out of his window recently, he saw a deer looking back at him. Reporter Terry Flanagan went to investigate

Tree Sculpture in North Dublin

Standing at the corner of St Anne’s Park in Raheny in Dublin, this magnificent tree sadly came to the end of its days some months ago, as it had become unsafe. But new life is now emerging from this Monterey Cypress, as it’s been transformed into an absolutely stunning sculpture, which is attracting attention from far and wide.

Sunday 21st August

State Of The World’s Plants...

For the very first time, a global assessment of our world’s flora has been carried out. The State of the World’s Plants report, compiled by Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew, shows that 1 in 5 species are at risk of extinction. Eimear Nic Lughadha leads the Conservation Assessment and Analysis team at Kew in the UK, and spoke to Eanna ni Lamhna about compiling the data for this groundbreaking report...

Faithful Fairy-Wrens

A new study of the red-backed fairy-wren shows that the pairs which sing together were significantly more likely to stay together. Richard Collins talks to the ornithologist who conducted the research, Daniel T. Baldassarre, of the University of Miami...

Wildlife Of Dublin Bay

Reporter Terry Flanagan sets off on a Biosphere Discovery Tour around Dublin Bay; visit rte.ie/mooney to find out how you could win cruise around Dublin's Biosphere; comp ends at 9am on Wed. Aug. 24th 2016.

Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 21/08/16

On MGW tonight: Wildlife Of Dublin Bay; Faithful Fairy-Wrens; State Of The World’s Plants...

Sunday 31st July

Review: Finding Dory

As Pixar's forgetful blue tang returns, we send marine biologist Ken Whelan and MGW's Eanna ni Lamhna off to the flicks to appraise Finding Dory, along with young reviewers Eliza Rogan and Kate Kelly and Rachel Foley...

Chris Wilson & The Butterflies Of Raven Wood

Terry Flanagan visits the Raven Nature Reserve in Wexford to find out how the late naturalist Chris Wilson is being remembered with a new leaflet on butterflies; he talks to Mary Foley, Dr. Tomás Murray and Don Conroy...

The Dunnocks Of Cambridgeshire

Please note, some of the content in this podcast may not be suitable for children. Richard Collins meets Prof. Nick Davies from the University of Cambridge to find out about the colourful sex lives of dunnocks...

Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 31/07/16

On MGW tonight: The Dunnocks Of Cambridgeshire; Chris Wilson & The Butterflies Of Raven Wood; Review: Finding Dory...

Sunday 24th July

Spider Venom And Cancer

Eanna ni Lamhna visits the Natural History Museum, where she meets Irish Research Fellow, Galway Zoology Lecturer and bug hunter Dr. Michel Dugon, to find out about the benefits of spider venom!

Irish Upland Wildfires

Reporter Terry Flanagan meets Pádraic Fogarty, Campaign Officer with the Irish Wildlife Trust, to hear about the threat that wildfires are posing to both our landscape AND our wildlife - and the moves being made to fight such fires...

Why Feathers Never Fade

Derek talks to Eric Dempsey about the beauty of bird feathers, whilst Richard Collins chats to Dr. Andrew Parnell from the University of Sheffield about why their colours never fade...

Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 24/07/16

On MGW tonight: Why Feathers Never Fade; Irish Upland Wildfires; Spider Venom And Cancer

Sunday 17th July

The Yawn Chorus

Earlier this year we had the Dawn Chorus, time now to find out about the YAWN chorus! Alex Rothera and Chris G. Thompson tell us about this fascinating project, whilst Dr. Simon Thompson from Bournemouth University explains to our own Dr. Richard Collins just why we feel the need to yawn...

Swifts' GPS Backpacks

Derek meets Kendrew, Philip and Róisín from RSPB Northern Ireland to find out about a remarkable tagging project...

Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 17/07/16

On MGW tonight: Swifts' GPS Backpacks; The Yawn Chorus

Sunday 10th July

Norwegian Seabirds

We return to Norway as Dr. Richard Collins and Niall Hatch of BirdWatch Ireland join NRK's Helge Søfteland in search of the seabirds of Syltefjorden...

Sunday 3rd July

Bee School

Philip McCabe visits the buzzing hive of activity that is Presentation Primary School in Drogheda to wax lyrical about the benefits of beekeeping...

How Insects Self-Repair

Eanna ni Lamhna visits Professor David Taylor of Trinity College, to find out more about how insects can self-repair...

The Value Of Trees

Derek visits Mountshannon in Co. Clare to talk to arborist Bernard Carey about his work with UCD and Treeconomics on the value of trees...

Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 03/07/16

On MGW tonight: The Value Of Trees; How Insects Self-Repair; Bee School

Sunday 26th June

European Bee Week

Last week, the ‘European Week of Bees and Pollination’ took place in Brussels. Bees are in decline, which is a sad fact, but it’s also very worrying because, without them, how could the plants we rely upon for food actually become pollinated? The economic significance of this is enormous and it’s becoming a matter of urgent concern.

Sunday 19th June


Dr Richard Collins is in Hornoya, the most northerly island in Norway, in the company of Niall Hatch from Birdwatch Ireland and Helge Softeland, a broadcaster from NRK (Norwegian national radio)

Sunday 12th June

Whistle The Hen & The Brent Goose Project

Eanna ni Lamhna and Niamh ni Cholmain learn about the Brent Geese project, from pupils at St Louise de Marillac Primary School in Ballyfermot, and Niamh introduces Eanna to Whistle the hen!

The Season Of Terns?

Terry Flanagan meets Breffni Martin, of Louth Nature Trust, to discover why the number of terns returning to Baltray Beach is so reduced this year...

Green Flag Award In Carrigtwohill

Derek meets the pupils of Scoil Chlochair Mhuire in Carrigtwohill, Cork, who have just been awarded their fifth Green Flag...

Nesting Birds

We're looking for your stories, photos and videos of nesting birds and unusual nests near you!

Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 12/06/16

On MGW tonight: Nesting Birds; Green Flag Award In Carrigtwohill; The Season Of Terns?; Whistle The Hen & The Brent Goose Project...

Sunday 5th June

Mary Colwell's Walk For Curlews

Mary Colwell tells Eanna ni Lamhna why she's walking 500 miles to raise awareness of the plight of the curlew...

Wild Birds Down Under

Dr. Gráinne Cleary explains to Terry Flanagan why she wants to compare back garden birds of Australia & Ireland!

Cork Airport & Bird Strikes

Derek visits Cork Airport to chat with Ciaran Carton & colleagues about Dawn Chorus posters & avoiding bird strikes!

Hornøya's Seabird Colony

Helge Søfteland tells us about a very exciting project that's about to be broadcast by our Norwegian colleagues NRK, as they prepare to stream five weeks of footage from a seabird colony on Hornøya...

Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 05/06/16

On MGW tonight: Hornøya's Seabird Colony; Cork Airport & Bird Strikes; Wild Birds Down Under; Mary Colwell's Walk For Curlews...

Sunday 29th May

DCC Biodiversity: Ireland's Eye

As Dublin City Council's Biodiversity Month comes to end, reporter Terry Flanagan visits Ireland’s Eye, where he talks to Maria Long of the Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland (BSBI) and Dublin Bay Biosphere co-ordinator, Dr. Jenny Roche, to learn about plants and birdlife of the island...


Fachtna Ó Drisceoil and Richard Collins review 'Naturama: Open Your Eyes To The Wonders Of Irish Nature' – visit rte.ie/mooney to win a copy!

The Wicklow Woodpecker

Derek Mooney and Richard Collins visit listener Don McGrane in Wicklow, to learn about the woodpecker who visits his garden...

Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 29/05/16

On MGW tonight: The Wicklow Woodpecker; Naturama; DCC Biodiversity: Ireland's Eye...

Sunday 22nd May

DCC Biodiversity - Liffey Walk

What is biodiversity and where in the city would you go to see it? As Dublin City Council's Biodiversity Month continues, Mooney Goes Wild reporter Terry Flanagan meets up with Sean Redmond, Executive Parks Superintendent with Dublin City Council, for a walk along the River Liffey...

Researching Aging

Professor Steven Austad + Professor Emma Teeling discuss why some species live longer than others & what it could mean for humans...

Wildlife Gardening – Chris Baines

Chris Baines, founder of International Dawn Chorus Day and the first Chelsea Flower Show winner of a wildlife garden, chats about the benefits of gardening for wildlife...

Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 22/05/16

On MGW tonight: Wildlife Gardening – Chris Baines; Researching Aging; DCC Biodiversity - Liffey Walk

Sunday 15th May

Crainn na hÉireann

Eanna ni Lamhna meets Manchán Magan, presenter of the TG4 show 'Crainn na hÉireann' (Trees Of Ireland), which continues on Tuesdays at 8pm...

DCC Biodiversity - Recovery Through Nature

As Dublin City Council's Biodiversity Month continues, Terry Flanagan talks to Joe Buckley about those involved in Coolmine Therapeutic Community are benefiting from Recovery Through Nature...

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