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    Sunday, 10pm-11pm, RTÉ Radio 1

    Cartoon Barn Owl Competition

    Ever thought you could learn to draw by listenening to the radio? Well grab a pencil and paper, and get set to have some fun as Don Conroy teaches you how to draw a cartoon barn owl!

    - Scan in your picture and e-mail it to
    - Post in your picture to Mooney, RTÉ Radio Centre, Donnybrook, Dublin
    - Take a photo of your picture on your phone or camera, and e-mail it to

    Please get your pictures scanned, sent or e-mailed to us by the end of this Friday, August 9th. Don will have a look at them all, and we'll have a prize for the best!

    Here are the cartoon barn owls drawn by Don, Derek and Mary Kingston!

    Cartoon Barn Owl by Don Conroy

    Cartoon Barn Owl by Derek Mooney

    Cartoon Barn Owl by Mary Kingston

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