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    Marian Finucane Sunday 17 August 2014


    The Panel

    John Kelleher - Film/TV producer & former director of film classification, Fiona O’Shea - Freelance Writer & former Principal Officer with the Revenue Commissioners, Martin Molony - Lecturer in DCU’s School of Communications - Charlie Weston - Personal Finance Editor - Irish Independent and Andrea Martin - Media Lawyer


    Brighid McLaughlin

    Brighid McLaughlin the former journalist has been no stranger to tragedy and hard times in her own life.

    At the turn of the millennium she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.
    Three years later her husband Michael drowned not far from their home.
    And in 2006, her sister Siobhán was murdered by the man she married. It was two years before Brian Kearney was sentenced to life in prison for the crime.

    Marian visited Brighid at her home in Dalkey.


    Baby Gammy

    Journalist Rachel Browne joins Marian on the line to discuss Baby Gammy who was allegedley rejected by his Australian birth parents and left with his Thai surrogate.


    Cost of Third Level Education

    Mother of three and journalist Mary Feely talks to Marian about the cost of third level education and they are joined on the line by Ivan Kennedy who is a financial advisor and parent of two young children.

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