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    Newspaper Panel

    Prof. John Fitzgerald, ESRI Economist.

    Julie O’Neill, former Sec. Gen. at the Dept. of Transport, now Management Consultant with Join the Dots.

    Maeve Dineen, Journalist and Communications Consultant, formerly of the Irish Independent.

    Brian Mooney, Guidance Counsellor and Irish Times Education Correspondent.

    Theo Dorgan, poet and author.


    Canonisations in Rome

    Today sees the unprecedented canonisation of perhaps the two most influential Popes of the 20th century, John XXIII and John Paul II. The dual canonisation underlines Pope Francis’s ability to bear in mind “the different constituencies” that make up the 1.2 billion strong Catholic Church. The two Popes to be made saints represent very different communities on the Catholic landscape.

    Paddy Agnew, The Irish Times Rome Correspondent, talks to Marian live from Rome where the cermony has just ended.


    20th Anniversary of Democracy in South Africa

    Yesterday marked the 20th anniversary of the first ever democratic elections in South Africa. It marked the dawn of a new era. Decades of the worst oppression were about to come to an end.

    Marian is joined by phone from Boston by Melanie Verwoerd, former South African Ambassador to Ireland.


    National Library Archive

    Some 10,500 newly digitised images have been made available for public viewing by the National Library of Ireland at

    The National Library first began the process of digitising its mammoth collection of 10 million items in 2007. It now has 65,000 digitised images, but demand for more is growing. A further 2,000 will be released this summer.

    To discuss this Marian is joined by Katherine McSharry, Head of Services, National Library of Ireland and Sinéad McCoole, Historian and Writer.

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