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    Marian Finucane Saturday 8 February 2014


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    Bill Cullen and Jackie Lavin

    Bill Cullen and his partner Jackie Lavin join Marian in studio to talk about losing everything and starting off on the comeback trail.


    The Best Unheard of Books

    John Banville and Enda Wyley join Marian to talk about the best unheard of books.

    Books from John Banville

    Loving by Henry Greene

    Biography Hugh Trevor Roper – A Hidden Life: The Enigma of Sir Edmund Backhouse

    Hugh Trevor-Roper: The Wartime Journals, edited by Richard Davenport-Hines

    Pascal Garnier – How’s the Pain?

    Books from Enda Wyley

    The Spectre of Alexander Wolf by Gaito Gazdonov

    Journey by Moonlight - Antal Szerb.

    The Blue Flower by Penelope Fitzgerald

    The Pilgrim Hawk by Glenway Wescott

    Light Years by James Salter


    Brendan Ogle

    Former leader of the ESB Group of Unions Brendan Ogle joins Marian in studio.


    Big Ballet - Monica Loughman

    Ballet dancer Monica Loughman joins Marian to talk about her new Channel 4 series Big Ballet which started last Thursday when we saw Monica & Wayne Sleep train 16 plus-size people with a love of dance for a performance of a 30 minute version of Swan Lake.

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    In-depth interviews, human interest stories, consumer and lifestyle news as well as a lively panel discussion on issues of the week and newspaper reviews.

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