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    Marian Finucane Saturday 25 January 2014


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    Vatican Baptism

    Pope Francis has certainly become a popular Pope. A couple of weekends ago, he baptised baby Polly Rose whose mother Emer McCarthy Cabrera from Wicklow joins Marian on the line from Rome.


    Professor Ian Robertson - Syria

    Professor Ian Robertson of the Department of Psychology in Trinity College Dublin analyses the psychological stresses involved with the conflict in Syria.

    For more information on Ian Robertson Click Here


    The National Gallery of Ireland

    During the week Marian took herself down to the National Gallery to get a flavour of what is on show there. Her guide was the senior curator Adrian Harivel who had picked out just some of the highlights.


    Marian also takes a call with the director of the National Gallery - Sean Rainbird.


    Woman reading a Letter, c.1664-c.1666

    Lady on the Terrace (1898) by Paul Signac (1863-1935)

    The Artist's Studio: Lady Hazel Lavery with her Daughter Alice and Stepdaughter Eileen, 1909-1913 by John Lavery (Irish, 1856-1941)



    The National Gallery - Extended Podcast

    An extended audio tour of The National Gallery.


    Dr. Eva Orsmond

    Dr. Eva Orsmond pulls no punches regarding matters of health – in particular obesity. She helped thousands of people to lose weight, through her no nonsense manner on RTÉ’s “Operation Transformation”

    Her latest book “10LB Diet” was published earlier this month. Dr. Eva joins Marian in studio.

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