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    Leicester Fire - Tom Bateman

    Tom Bateman of the BBC joins Marian on the line to talk about the Leicester house fire which killed the family of Beaumont Hospital doctor Mr Muhammad Taufiq Al Sattar.


    Ireland Professor of Poetry - Paula Meehan

    Ireland has produced many famous and well loved poets.

    The poetry community - not to mention his family are still feeling the loss of Seamus Heaney.

    One of Seamus Heaney’s legacies came to fruition yesterday when the post he created.... the Ireland Professor of Poetry was given to poet and playwright Paula Meehan who joins Marian in studio.


    Beating Bank Charges - Conor Pope

    Many people may have noticed big changes in their quarterly fee account statements as some of the major banks in recent months either hiked up charges for transactions or reintroduced certain fees.

    To give us an insight into bank charges and how best to avoid them or at least reduce them is Conor Pope – Consumer Affairs Correspondent with the Irish Times.


    The Power of Doing Less - Fergus O'Connell

    Fergus O'Connell runs his own project management consulting company.He is also the author of 12 business books and a novelist.

    His latest business title is 'The Power of Doing Less'.

    For more information - Click Here


    Whiskey Business

    Irish whiskey is growing in popularity and exports continue to expand particularly in the USA and Irish distilleries are expanding in kind.

    Joining Marian in studio are: John Teeling - formerly of Cooley Distillery fame and now owner of the Irish Whiskey Company, Ally Alpine - founder of The Celtic Whiskey Shop, and Oliver Hughes - Co-founder of the Porter House Group.


    Martin O'Neill - Gerry Armstrong

    Gerry Armstrong joins Marian to talk about the possibility of Martin O'Neill taking over as Ireland soccer manager.

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