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    Profile Interview

    Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees, the last surviving brother of the Bee Gees, was in London last week to pick up a Lifetime achievement award.

    Marian spoke to him about his forthcoming concert here in September, the loss of all of his brothers and his love of music.


    Mortgage Arrears

    Anthony Joyce, a Dublin solicitor, talks about mortgage debt resolution and negotiating with lending institutions. The people contacting Anthony on a daily basis are trying to get rid of their debt,ultimately they will cope with losing their hoomes, what they want is a resolution to their debt.


    Bikram Yoga

    We recently spoke to Pat Henry about the benefits of yoga. It’s good for mind, body and strength and flexibility. But one type of yoga that he was not enthusiastic about was Bikram or hot yoga. Pat said it was like doing a PE class.

    Well, we had a huge response from Bikram yoga enthusiasts and practitioners who did not agree one bit with what Pat Henry had to say.

    Pat Henry, personal trainer, and Anne Leonard, Director, Bikram Yoga Dublin, discuss on air the pros and cons of the Bikram Yoga method.


    Sugar Addiction

    With celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow advocating a no sugar diet, a zero sugar policy is beginning to gain momentum. On average we consume 238 teaspoons of sugar per week – often without knowing it - and there can be many health problems linked to an over consumption of sugar.  David Gillespie, author of Sweet Poison and consultant dietician Sarah Keogh discuss.


    Travel and Croatia

    Croatia is very much in the news this week becoming the 28th member of the European Union.  Eoghan Corry, Editor, Travel Extra, has more information:

    The country beyond the Dalmatian coast has lots more that is interesting: Istria in the north is accessed through northern Italy or flights to Zadar direct from Ryanair.

    Dubrovnik, one of the iconic tourism brands, cruise ship port, has direct flights from Aer Lingus (it is overcrowded, what I call stadium tourism).

    Concorde Travel also organise charters.

    Also, Pat Muldowney, whose son Myles got married yesterday in Croatia, gives a flavour of the country.


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