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    Donal Donovan

    Donal Donovan, Adjunct Professor at the University of Limerick, a member of the Irish Fiscal Advisory Council and a former staff member of the International Monetary Fund from 1977 to 2005.  He also served on the two main inquiries into the Irish crash – the findings of which were published in the Honohan Report and the Nyberg Report.

    The Fall of the Celtic Tiger: Ireland and the Euro Debt Crisis by Donal Donovan and Antoin E Murphy published by Oxford University Press


    Ageing in Ireland

    Throughout the developed world people are living longer healthier lives and life expectancy is increasing at an extraordinarily fast pace. In Ireland alone the population of people aged 80 or more is expected to treble by 2050. 

    Anne Connolly is Director of  the Ageing Well Network which represents an independent group of leaders and strategic thinkers who share a vision of Ireland as one of the best countries in the world in which to grow old.


    Baggage Allowances

    Joan Scales, Travel Correspondent with The Irish Times, gives a rundown of charges and weight allowances for airline travel. 



    A new film, entitled Renoir, tells the story of Andrée Hessling, the last model of Renoir and the first actor in the films of his son, the film director Jean Renoir, whom she married. The story is set in Les Collettes in World War One.  It is as much a homage to Jean Renoir as to Auguste.

    To discuss this film and the paintings of Renoir, in studio are Dr Róisín Kennedy, Art Historian and Lecturer in the School of Art History and Cultural Policy in UCD; and Paul Whitington, Film Critic, The Irish Independent, and Joan Scales of The Irish Times.


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    On today's programme Donal Donovan, Adjunct Professor at University of Limerick, Member of the Irish Fiscal Advisory Council and a former staff member of the IMF, talks to Marian about the Anglo tapes and the Bank Guarantee.

    Anne Connolly, Director of Ageing Well Network, is in studio to discuss what we all know - we are living to a far greater age than we used to.

    Joan Scales, Travel Correspondent with The Irish Times, gives a rundown on the baggage allowances and charges for Ryanair and Aer Lingus for summer holiday travel.

    A new film about Renoir has been released. Dr Roisin Kennedy and Paul Whitington discuss this, and where to see the originals.

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