Marian Finucane

Marian Finucane

Saturday, Sunday, 11 - 1pm

Marian Finucane Sunday 27 January 2013

Marian Finucane, Sunday 27th January 2013

Marian Finucane, Sunday 27th January 2013

Discussion of the stories in the headlines of today's newspapers plus the news from overseas.

Newspaper Panel Discussion

Today's Newspaper Panel: Min. Pat Rabbitte, Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources; Alan Dukes, Chair of IBRC (formerly Anglo Irish Bank); Sam Smyth, journalist and broadcaster; Emer Woodfull, barrister; Martin Donnellan, retired Garda Assistant Commissioner ; Camille Loftus, Social Policy Analyst.

Foreign News

Paddy Woodworth, author and journalist with the Irish Times; and David Horgan, Managing Director of Petrel Resources; join Marian to discuss the stories from around the world.


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