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Sunday 15th January

Sunday Newspaper Panel

Martin Mansergh Declan Power Carole Coleman   Sam Smyth,  Columnist, Irish Mail on Sunday. Kim Bartley and John Connors,  Donnacha Ó Béacháin,  Simon Carswell,

Saturday 14th January

Ann Marie O'Connor, Author

Author Ann Marie O'Connor joined Marian in studio this morning about her new book The Happy Medium.

Aoife Walsh, Career Guidance Councillor.

Aoife Walsh, Career Guidance Councillor for Malahide community school, joined Marian in studio this morning to discuss various leaving certificate options and the CAO.

Syrians Living in Ireland

Mohammad Abou Hajar, Osama Abou Hajar and Michael Lenihan all joined Marian in studio this morning to share their experience with the Syrian war and how they've integrated into Ireland since fleeing their home country.

Eamonn Mallie, Author and Journalist.

Eamonn Mallie, Author and Journalist joined Marian in studio to discuss the resignation of Martin McGuinness and the Northern Ireland fall out.

Richard Kearney, Charles Seelig professor of philosophy at Boston University.

Richard Kearney, Charles Seelig professor of philosophy at Boston University joined Marian in studio this morning to discuss President-elect Donald Trump and the philosophy behind it all.

Sunday 8th January

The Marian Finucane Show

Niamh Brennan, Paul Sommerville, Michael O'Keeffe, Eileen Gleeson, Hugh O'Connell. Enda Brady, Ray Bassett and Kevin Meagher.

Saturday 7th January

Florida Airport Shooting

Nicola Beckford  speaks with Marian on her experience in Fort Lauderdale Airport in Florida, USA, where a shooting took place.

David Gillick, Athlete,Euro champion and Olympian Masterchef

David joined Marian in studio this morning with his top tip to keep fit and healthy for the New Year.

Jim Coleman

Jim spoke to Marian this morning about his daughter and her family are being held captive by the Taliban for the past 4 and a half years.

Emma Sheridan

Artist and fashion designer Emma Sheridan, joined Marian in studio and spoke about her experience when she was shot in the tube in London. She tell Marian how her art helped her overcome this traumatic experience.

Frank Conway, Financial Advisor

Frank Conway, Financial Advisor of joined Marian in studio to discuss  credit rating, saving and much more.

Kevin O'Malley, US Ambassador to Ireland

Kevin O'Malley, US Ambassador to Ireland joined Marian in studio this morning about his time living here in Ireland.

Sunday 1st January

The Marian Finucane Show

David O’Byrne, Eoghan O'Neachtain,          Norin Hegarty Brian Hayes, Gary Gannon, John Bowman, Padraig Carmody and Eoghan Corry.

Sunday 18th December

Jim Lockhart - Legacies

Jim Lockhart came into studio and looked back on the musicians we lost in 2016.

The Marian Finucane Show

This morning our newspaper panel joined Marian in studio to discuss the current affairs of the week. Colonel Colm Doyle and Lyse Doucet, Chief International Correspondent for The BBC London on the Aleppo Ceasefire. David Learmount joined us to talk about Air safety. Jim Lockhart came into studio and loked back on the musicians we lost in 2016.

Saturday 17th December

TV Choices for Christmas

Sinéad Fox and Dave Fanning came into studio this morning to fill us in on the TV listing that will be on over the Christmas holidays.

Laura Whitmore and the Strictly come Dancing Final

As the final of the TV Show, Strictly Comes Dancing draws nearer to the Finale, Laura Whitmore joined Marian on the phone this morning and filled her in.

Christmas Food and Drinks

Kevin Dundon and Tomas Clancy joined Marian in studio this morning for some shopping and cooking tips!

Dr. Maureen Gaffney

Dr. Maureen Gaffney joined Marian this morning in studio and filled her in on some top survival tips to et through the festive period.

Michael Lewis

This morning Author Michael Lewis spoke to Marian on his new publication ' The undoing Project - A Friendship that changed the world'.

Sunday 11th December

The Newspaper Panel

Topics: The shooting of Brian Stack, Irish Water and Water Charges, The Homelessness crisis in Ireland, Trump being TIME person of the year and Russian Doping.

Saturday 10th December


Val O’Brien, Managing Director of Val O’Brien & Associates, Chartered Building Surveyors joined Marian in studio this morning to fill us in on the ensuing combination of clothes-drying and cooking and simply breathing can lead to a build up of moisture and mould in some homes – which, of course, can be very detrimental to health.


Irish Paralympian, Phil Eaglesham and has been drawing on his own experience of becoming disabled to design a wheelchair that should make life much easier for other wheelchair users. Phil Eaglesham was in the BBC Bristol studio and spoke to Marian about it this morning.

Christmas Gifts

Christmas can be very stressful, especially if you don’t have a Christmas list and you have to guess what the person might like. We’ve invited Anna Geary, broadcaster and former Cork Camogie Captain, and Aoife Barry, Assistant News Editor of the, into studio with their Christmas wishlists.


David Attenborough’s ‘Planet Earth 2’ series concludes on the BBC tomorrow night and we’ve invited author and documentary maker Manchán Magan into studio today to tell you how it is possible to see the animals in Attenborough’s Planet Earth up close and personal.

John Concannon - Director of Creative Ireland

Director of Creative Ireland, John Concannon joined Marian in studio to fill us in on our own national identities and a new cultural initiative that he says is a creative response to Brexit.


Jolyon Maugham speaks with Marian this morning about the BREXIT challenge over the legal aspects of it at the Irish High Court.

Sunday 4th December

Newspaper Panel

Topics discussed: Water charges, ASTI and teachers strikes, Italian referendum and BREXIT, Castro Fidel's funeral and Wilbur Ross.

Saturday 3rd December

Minibreaks in Northern Ireland

Travel and Food blogger Stephanie Buckley joined Marian in studio today from with some ideas for minibreaks in Northern Ireland.

The death of Andrew Sachs

The actor Andrew Sachs died this week at age 86 and his son, john Sachs joined Marian on the phone.

Using your imagination

Aidan Moran, Professor of Cognitive Pyschology in UCD joined Marion in studio to tell us how does our imagination help us and can it ever do us harm?

Leisure sickness

Dr. Nina Byrnes is a GP with the Generation Health Medical Clinic and joined Marian to give us more advice on keeping well during the Christmas period.

Jamie Oliver

There’s no such thing as luck when it comes to a really well done Christmas meal. It’s all down to Planning! Jamie Oliver speaks with Marian and fills us in on more.

Sunday 27th November

Newspaper Panel

This morning Marian discussed everything from, the passing of Fidel Castro to Shane Ross and the judicial appointments, first time buyers and the Central Banks's rules, Public Sector pay, BREXIT, Enda and Fionnuala Kenny, Trump and LIDL and retail.

Saturday 26th November

Adult Books for Christmas

Marian is joined by author Arlene Hunt and Bob Johnson of Gutter Book Shops.

Scratch Choir

Conductor David Brophy joins Marian to talk about his latest initiative with Chorus Ireland - the Scratch Choir.

Fighting ISIS

Marian is joined by Joshua Molloy who went to the Middle East to fight ISIS with the Peshmerga.

Cathriona Hallahan

Managing Director of Microsoft Ireland Cathiona Hallahan joins Marian in studio.

Fidel Castro

Marian is joined by economist David McWilliams and surgeon David Hickey who both talk about the death of Fidel Castro at the age of 90.

Sunday 20th November

JK Rowling

Film correspondent with the Irish Times Donald Clarke joins Marian in studio to talk about JK Rowling and her latest creation 'Fantastic Beasts'

Fake News

Professor Stephen Knowlton from Dublin City University joins Marian in studio.

Potential rise of the Right in Europe

Marian is joined by Hervé Amoric who is Ireland and UK correspondent for France 24 and Josephine McKenna who is a freelance journalist based in Rome.

The Newspaper Panel 201116

The Panel: Leo Varadkar - Minister for Social Protection, Gary Gannon - Councillor, North Inner City Dublin, Social Democrats, Niamh Hourigan - Head of Dept of Sociology, University College Cork, Philip O’Connor - Irish journalist living in Sweden & Tom Lyons - Deputy Editor, Sunday Business Post

Saturday 19th November

Smartphones for Children

Technology Editor with the Irish Independent Adrian Weckler joins Marian in studio.

Opting Out of Christmas

Marian is joined by travel journalist Philip Nolan and two people who have avoided Christmas in Ireland - Rita Reidy and Lisa Regan.

Ireland v New Zealand

Brent Pope joins Marian in studio.


Marian is joined by Gina Miller who talks about her Brexit referendum challenge.

Paddy Cosgrave

Paddy Cosgrave of the Web Summit joins Marian in studio.

Sunday 13th November

Prince Harry

Sky News reporter Enda Brady talks about Prince Harry's objections to press intrusion in his love life.

US / Russia Relations

Marian is joined by Dr Dmitri Tsiskavashvili from the Department of Russian & Slavic Studies in TCD.

Donald Trump

Trump economic advisor Stephen Moore and journalist Marion McKeone join Marian on the line.

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