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    Fiona’s mother went to Bloom last Thursday. While there she had a stroke and is now in the acute stroke unit in the Mater.   Fiona wants to find the doctor who came to their assistance at Bloom, she believes that she saved her mothers life.   In all the commotion they didn't get her name.      

    Noel was born in 1955 in a mother and baby home.    He found his mother in 2010 after long years searching and now visits her most weekends.     For decades he had no idea his mother was alive.   She lived 3 hours drive away and he didn’t know.    Noel is ‘totally shocked’ by the Tuam baby story, even though he had a difficult life he believes he was one of the lucky ones that survived.

    Paul's wife sold her car. They put it on Donedeal, carzone and autotrader. Someone rang Tuesday to buy it.   His wife and daughter went to meet two men. They agreed €14,500.   They got a bank draft which turned out to be a forgery.    Now they have no car and the money is gone. 10 MH 237. Mini Cooper Green 1.6 l diesel


    Looking for doctor who helped her mother

    Fiona was at Bloom with her mother last week when suddenly, her mother took ill. Fiona would like to thank the doctor who saved her mother's life.


    Mother & Baby Homes

    More discussion on the Tuam mother and baby home


    Bank Draft Fake

    Paul sold a Mini Cooper for €14,000 but the bank draft he was given turns out to be a fake.


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