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    Miriam was annoyed with Minister Phil Hogan’s comments on Primetime about dependent children over 18 and the water charges.     In particular a comment he made after Claire Byrne said that families with children over 18 are going to bear the brunt.   The minister replied ‘40% of children living at home (over 18) are working.   31% are students.     Her children are in college, as most of her friends children are and don’t contribute to the household budget.   They are going to be hit very badly.

    Barbara says she is a polio survivor but is now suffering from post-polio syndrome.     She no longer has a medical card, it was cancelled earlier this year.   Dr. Michael Kelleher is dealing every day in his practice with patients whose medical cards being cancelled, he says he is coming across a lot of people who say they haven’t been notified.   He would like the review process made more transparent

    Retired Garda Derek Nally felt that Minister Alan Shatter should have taken the decision to go a long time ago.     He felt that he was underminging the whole credibility of the Garda Siochana.   Derek Nally was general secretary of the A.G.SI.   He is a long time gone from the force but the Garda whistleblowers story has kept his interest.


    Water Charges

    Callers upset and worried about water charges


    Medical Cards

    Polio sufferer has her medical card cancelled


    Alan Shatter's Resignation

    Retired Garda discuss resignation of Alan Shatter


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